The Mothers of Invention: 8 Wildly Popular Products Invented by Moms

Car Cache | Courtesy of Car Cache

There are hundreds of products out there invented by Moms, but here’s a sampling of a few of our favorites. From iconic inventions with a legendary story, to simple-yet-genius twists on existing products, these 8 inventions continue to thrive in today’s market – further proving there’s nothing a Mom can’t do.

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Catherine Seifert was tired of finding no easy, accessible place to store her handbag while driving. One prototype created on the dining room floor and months of trial and error later, the CarCache was born. This clever storage solution clips onto the center console of most vehicles, creating an easy and accessible resting place for your purse or handbag, while also (if need be) functioning as a dog barrier. It’s sold over 1 million units since its inception, and remains a popular car accessory on Amazon.

Liquid Paper

Single mother and executive secretary Bette Nesmith Graham created the iconic blooper-fixer after seeing a local sign painter fixing his own mistakes with a ready brush of background paint. Nesmith eventually patented the product and changed the name from Mistake Out to Liquid Paper, and the rest is history. 


Mom and teacher Victoria Knight-McDowell wanted to find a way to help kids and parents, and teachers themselves from catching the colds that spread like wildfire around school. So, she invented the first version of Airborne, a Vitamin-C-packed blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed to boost immune response and keep colds at bay. The product has come a long way since its inception, with dozens of blends, flavors, and types of Airborne immune boosters on the market.

The Boppy Pillow

Susan Henderson came up with the idea for the Boppy when her children’s day care asked parents to bring pillows to help support young babies when they couldn’t be held. It’s a brilliant, simple invention that’s gone from a DIY project to a baby registry must-have that’s stayed at the top of the market for decades.

The WubbaNub Pacifier

While on a family vacation, inventor Carla Schneider couldn’t seem to soothe her newborn son, who’d fuss every time his pacifier went missing. One hotel sewing kit and a small plush toy later, the Wubbanub was born. Schneider’s genius invention remains one of the top-selling pacifiers on the market, with collaborations with the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Major League Baseball under her hat.

The Oogiebear Booger Tool

Invented by registered pharmacist Nina Farzin, the Oogiebear is a clever solution to one of infanthood’s biggest little problems: tiny, snot-filled nostrils. The double-ended design provides a loop for trapping sticky boogers, while a scoop on the other end contends perfectly with harder, dried-on snot. The Oogiebear’s even perfect for cleaning baby’s earwax, and washes with ease — something that can’t be said for popular aspirators on the market.

The Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Inventor and mom Susanna Lee noticed just how much trouble her toddlers were having reaching the bathroom sink, when the got the idea for the (cleverly-named) Aqueduck. This brilliantly simple invention clips onto your bathroom sink and extends the flow of water out, making it vastly easier for short arms to reach to wash their own little hands.

The Pop Pacifier

Mom and industrial designer Nicki Radzely dreamed up the idea for this genius germ-free take on the pacifier while watching a baby repeatedly spit out her pacifier during a church service. The Pop Pacifier – so named because it “pops” in on itself when dropped, surrounding the nipple in a germ-free silicone cocoon – was a runaway hit on Shark Tank, where Radzely inked a sweet deal for her invention.

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