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Hey! I’m Amy, a mom of two, former preschool teacher, current writer, and a lover of all dogs. I’ve done most of my shopping online for the past 10+ years since online shopping really became a thing, and I pride myself on finding some of the coolest stuff for myself, my family, and my loved ones.

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I Don’t Have to Be a Tech Whiz to Set Up This Security Bulb Light Camera

XVIM 1080P WiFi Home Pan Tilt Security Camera, Screw Base Wireless Home Surveillance Cameras System, 360 Degree Panoramic View Lens Night Vision Human Motion Detection and Alarm

Security cameras make me feel safer at home, especially at night, but I’ve given up trying to install techie systems that need wires or fancy networks to work. This security camera screws into a lightbulb outlet and connects easily to a phone or tablet over WiFi to give a panoramic view of your space. I use it on my porch to view the front door and my parking spot.

Clever Alternative: If you don’t mind paying for a subscription, Blink wireless cameras are some of the best out there.

My Kid Finally Washes His Hands 20 Seconds, Thanks to This Bathroom Timer

Hand washing timer
Everything Clever

Kids can be gross little humans sometimes, especially when it comes to waiting for a full 20 seconds to wash hands or two minutes to brush teeth (my son is no exception). But ever since buying this timer, neither one has had a problem. Apparently, all he needed was some cool green and red lights to let him know how long he still needs to wash.

Clever Alternative: If the timer doesn’t do it for your kid, perhaps these fun-smelling Fun House Kids Foam Soaps will encourage them to get clean.

This Mug Warmer Is Possibly My Favorite Invention Ever

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, Home, Office, Black

My mornings are hectic. Before I bought this mug warmer, I’d always drink cold coffee after leaving it sitting around as I got my kids ready for school. This no longer happens because this baby keeps it warm for as long as I forget about it sitting there.

Clever Alternative: When I need to drink my coffee on the run, I use this insulated YETI Rambler mug instead.

Finally, I Found Pajama Set That Double as Real Human Clothes

ZESICA Women's Long Sleeve Crop Top and Pants Pajama Sets 2 Piece Jogger Long Sleepwear Loungewear Pjs Sets Black

I’m all for comfortable clothing, but I hate looking like I just rolled out of bed when I have to be in public. With this lounge set, I no longer care. It’s as cute as it is comfy, so I don’t feel like I’m being judged in the grocery store.

Clever Alternative: Boost the cozy factor when you’re lounging indoors with this hooded blanket sweatshirt that will make you never want to leave the couch again.

This Laptop Backpack Is So Convenient for Bringing My Work Wherever I Need It

Slim Laptop Backpack for Women, Fashion Travel Rucksack College School Bookbag

I work remotely, so I like to switch up my workplaces once in a while to get a break from my home office. When I head to a cafe or the library, I pack up my laptop, mouse, and planner in this adorable backpack. I love how lightweight it is, and all its extra pockets are perfect for fitting snacks, water bottles, and cash.

Clever Alternative: I also carry this power bank in the backpack just in case my laptop needs a power boost while I’m away from home.

No More Warm Wine with This Cooling Cup

cooling cup

Although I don’t drink wine often, some days absolutely call for it as a relaxing nightcap. When I decide to enjoy a glass, I want it nice and cold, which is why I love these glasses that help maintain my ideal temperature for wine. Either refrigerate or freeze the glass before serving, and it’ll stay cool for a couple of hours.

Clever Alternative: If you prefer beer (or much more wine), try these glasses instead.

I’d Never Remember to Take All My Vitamins If It Wasn’t for This Pill Organizer

pill reminder container
Everything Clever

I take several vitamins in the morning and at night, but my mom brain never lets me remember whether I’ve gotten them all at the right times. Thanks to this pill organizer with separate tubs for each day split into morning and night, I never again have to worry about missing doses or doubling up.

Clever Alternative: Stop trying to remember your pills altogether with this automated pill dispenser with 28 slots and custom reminders.

I’ve Stopped Wasting Money on Herbs by Using This Indoor Growing Kit

AeroGarden Harvest - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black

Wasting food is a big no-no for me, but I never need the amount of fresh herbs grocery store packages give me. A few months ago, I bought this indoor growing kit to grow six herbs I use the most. They stay fresh for so long that I’ve never had to throw any away yet.

Clever Alternative: Not much of an herb person? Buy this indoor veggie garden kit instead.

This Wake-up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock Saves Me the Trouble of Waking Up My Kid.

Wake-up light sunrise alarm clock

My son is deaf, so regular alarm clocks don’t work for him, but bed-shaking ones put him in a bad mood from the get-go (I can’t blame him there). This one was worth every penny, sending off a subtle but effective sunrise-inspired light when it’s time to get up. I no longer have to fight him out of bed, and he wakes up relaxed, so it’s a win-win.

Clever Alternative: Heavy sleepers will probably do better with this Sonic Bomb alarm clock and bed shaker duo that’s basically as loud as a rock concert. Good luck!

This Curling Iron Saves Me Time Getting Beachy Waves.

Conair Double Ceramic 1 1/4-Inch Curling Iron, White/Rose Gold

Frankly, I’d rather pull out every hair atop my head than spend 45 minutes each day creating the perfect look. Instead, I grab this curling iron, which heats up fast and curls within literal seconds, to get a full head of ‘beachy’ waves in about 10 minutes. Oh, and they last all day!

Clever Alternative: To get even more of a fuss-free style, try sleeping in these curling rods to wake up with that “I just spent hours doing this” look.

I Stopped Worrying About My Dryer Going Rogue with These Dryer Cleaning Tools

dryer cleaner
Everything Clever

My anxiety gets the best of me at times, especially when it comes to keeping my home and family safe. I’ve always had a fear of my dryer catching fire due to a clogged lint trap, even though I clean mine religiously. It’s tough reaching way down into the vent with a regular vacuum hose, so I picked up these handy dryer cleaning tools for the hose that gets further into the vent, leaving no dust bunny behind.

Clever Alternative: Pet fur is a common source of dryer lint, but it’s no match for these lint-removing dryer balls.

I Love When Alexa Manages This Wall Clock for Me

Echo Wall Clock - see timers at a glance - requires compatible Echo device

The Alexa voice assistant is one of my absolute favorite technologies of my generation. But this wall clock takes it to another level, giving me and my kids a visual reminder of any alarm we set, whether it’s for laundry, homework, or dinner. Don’t worry — it functions as a regular clock, too, so it’s always there for you when you need it.

Clever Alternative: Don’t have Alexa? Try the Secura 60-Minute Visual Countdown Timer instead, which accommodates tasks up to 60 seconds.

Crappy Lighting? No Problem for This Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror

Make up mirror

I have two rooms in my home that sometimes get good lighting, but it’s never a sure thing, so putting on makeup can be a struggle. I installed this makeup mirror on a bathroom wall, and its magnifying side and three lighting options have been game-changers. Bonus: It’s also made my selfie game on point.

Clever Alternative: Skip the wall installation and use this mirror on your vanity. It charges via a USB cable, so there’s no need to put it by an outlet.

These Bottle Openers Help Me Not Feel Like a Weakling

bottle opener

My hands might be great for typing on the computer, but I can’t open some bottles to save my life. I originally bought this set of openers for my elderly dad, but I use them just as much for water bottles and small jars. I no longer feel inferior to a pickle jar.

Clever Alternative: If jars cause you the most grief, install this opener under your cabinet. It saves space and keeps you from fighting with each lid.

My Cat and I Love This Pet Hair Remover Glove

pet hair remover glove

My cat is a grumpy 13-year-old man who doesn’t like affection all the time. But, put on this glove, and he’s suddenly my best friend. Of course, he has no idea that it’s getting rid of all his shedding fur, too, but I just keep that secret to myself.

Clever Alternative: Stray cat hairs still inevitably cling to my black leggings. When that happens, I use this roller to remove it quickly.

This Avocado Slicer Set Has Warmed My Avocado-Loving Heart

avocado slicer
Everything Clever

There’s never an avocado I don’t love, but I don’t necessarily love scooping them out and slicing them, and it pains me to throw away a one-day-old browned avocado. This Avocado slicer set Avocado slicer set helps with both issues, removing the pit and slicing the avocado with ease and storing it snugly within a silicone pod until I’m ready to use the rest.

Clever Alternative: Add these freshness saver balls to the refrigerator to keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer. No more spotted avocado in your home!

This Nail Polish Remover Doesn’t Make My Nails Angry (And It Actually Works).

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover, 6 oz

I always keep my nails painted, but I love changing colors frequently. Still, I’d rather deal with chipped nails than use nail polish remover that doesn’t work well or damages my nails. This nail polish remover takes care of both issues, requiring just one or two swipes with a cotton ball and nourishing my nails simultaneously.

Clever Alternative: To add a little strength boost to your nails on the regular, use this natural nail strengthener as a base coat.

This Termite Killer Prevents the Bugs from Bugging My Home

BIOADVANCED 700350A Termite Killer Home Perimeter Treatment Ready-to-Spread Granules, 9-Pounds, N.A

I live in an area prone to termites, but in my 10+ years of living here, my home has never fallen victim to termite damage like some of my neighbors’ houses have. I attribute my luck to this termite killer, which creates a solid perimeter of termite-blasting goodness that keeps them out of my house.

Clever Alternative: If you think you have termites in the area, use these termites detectors to find out. They also include termite killer to get rid of them, just in case.

I’ve Fallen Asleep on This Bean Bag Chair More Times Than I Can Count

Lumaland Luxurious Giant 7ft Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover - Ultra Soft, Foam Filling, Washable Jumbo Bean Bag Sofa for Kids, Teenagers, Adults - Sack Chair for Dorm, Family Room - Dark Grey

About a year ago, I got sick of my uncomfortable couches hurting my back. They went out the door, and in came two of these bean bag couches, and I’ve never looked back. I rarely watch TV anymore because I’m too busy napping on these poofy bundles of joy.

Clever Alternative: If you’re more of a traditional couch person, this sectional sofa couch is great, too.

I Don’t Know How I Ever Lived Without These Fridge Organizer Bins

HOOJO Fridge Organizer Bins, Set of 8 Plastic Refrigerator Pantry Organizers for Freezer and Pantry, Kitchen Cabinets, BPA-Free, Clear

Tiny refrigerators are the worst, but alas, I’m stuck with one for a while, and my love for fresh produce doesn’t align with my fridge. These plastic tubs have made my life so much easier by giving me separate spaces to keep my fruits and veggies together. Gone are the days of a random tomato getting lost in the abyss.

Clever Alternative: Small kitchens are equally as frustrating, but this expandable shelf is perfect for making extra space in pantries, cabinets, or under sinks.

I Haven’t Needed This Solar Inflatable Lantern Yet, But I’m Still Glad I Have It

Solar powered pop up light

I’m one of those responsible moms who keeps an emergency kit packed into the trunk of my Jeep because you just never know what can happen on the road. In that kit is one of these solar inflatable lanterns, just in case we’re ever stuck in a dark place and need some light. If I enjoyed camping, I assume they’d be great for that too.

Clever Alternative: I also suggest adding this multi-function tool, which also has a built-in light, to your car emergency kit.

These Pet Bowls Have Saved Me from Cleaning Up Dog Throw Up All Day

Dog food and water dish
Everything Clever

My Shih Tzu mix has the breed’s tell-tale smushed-in nose, which is notorious for sucking in water when drinking, especially when the dog bends over to get their food. What results is usually a puke mess. Since moving my dog’s water and food to these pet bowls, he hasn’t inhaled water, and I haven’t had to get a second mortgage to pay for cleaning supplies.

Clever Alternative: Some pups have more of an issue with eating too fast, but this bowl makes them work for it to slow down their munchies.

My Carpal Tunnel Hates This Wrist Brace (But I Love It)!

Copper Compression Recovery Wrist Brace - Guaranteed Highest Copper Content Support for Wrists, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Tendonitis, RSI, Sprain. Night Day Splint for Men Women - Fit Right Hand S-M

Because I’m a freelance writer, I’m on the computer for several hours a day, five or six days a week. My carpal tunnel-suffering mouse-using right wrist doesn’t love it. I put on this wrist brace for a few hours when it starts aching, and the pain subsides. Still, I have full use of my fingers, so I can continue to meet deadlines.

Clever Alternative: If your job or daily routine prevents you from wearing a wrist brace, give this cordless electric hand massager a try.

This Laundry Detergent Saved My Itchy Skin

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent, Sensitive Skin Plus, 150 Fluid Ounce

When my dermatologist told me last year that I needed to switch to a “free-and-clear” laundry detergent, I sulked at the thought of no longer smelling freshly cleaned laundry. Until I found this miracle worker laundry detergent. It doesn’t irritate my eczema-prone skin, but it gives just a hint of fragrance to give me back the only thing that brings me joy on laundry day.

Clever Alternative: These fragrance-free dryer sheets are awesome for reducing static and keeping garments soft without adding itch-causing stuff to your laundry.

I’m a DIY Queen, Thanks to This Cement Crack Filler

DAP 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler, 1 quart, Gray

My home is close to a century old now, so it’s no surprise that it springs a few issues on me now and then. When I see any hairline cracks form in my basement floor or wall, I jump right on them with this cement crack filler. It’s super easy to use, dries the same color as my cement, and keeps bugs and water from squeezing in.

Clever Alternative: When I really feel like being handy, I also slap on some of this foundation sealant to add a waterproof coating to my basement walls.

This Is the Best Storage Basket for Loft or Bunk Beds, Hands Down

Walker Edison Universal Metal Bunk Bed Shelf Kids Bedroom Storage Basket, 14 Inch, Silver

I excitedly bought a loft bed for my son’s last birthday, knowing that it would give him more floor space in his room. Then, I quickly realized the inconvenience he’d face not having a nightstand nearby for his water, books, and alarm clock. Thanks to this fantastic storage basket invention, he now has a spot for all his nighttime goodies within an arm’s reach.

Clever Alternative: If your child’s small bedroom could also use some more room to navigate, consider adding the same loft bed I got for my kiddo.

I’ve Said Good-Bye to Cleaning Gross Litter Boxes, Thanks to These Disposables

Liter boxes

I love my cats, but I will never enjoy cleaning a litter box. I’ve recently switched over to these throw-away cardboard boxes, and I’ll never go back to a regular box. Now, I just scoop clumps each day, and when I’m ready to change the litter, I can throw the whole box away and get a new one.

Clever Alternative: People who don’t want to deal with any aspect of cleaning a litter box will probably flip for this self-cleaning whiz.

Quick Breakfasts are Made Easier with this Portable Cereal Cup

The CrunchCup XL Blue: A Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon. No Bowl. It's Cereal On The Go.

I hate having food in my car, but sometimes there’s no way around it. The kids gotta eat, after all. But this cereal cup makes cereal mornings so much easier and less messy, letting my kids add their cereal and milk to one cup — no spoons or bowls required.

Clever Alternative: These snack containers are great for keeping everything tidy in lunch boxes.

This Basketball App is the Smartest Ball on the Block

SiQ Smart Basketball - Automated Shot Tracking - Improve Your Game! Connects to SiQ Basketball App - Automatically Analyzes Shot Distance, Misses, and More!

My son has developed somewhat of an obsession with basketball throughout the course of the pandemic. And, I’m all for anything that keeps him active and not glued to a screen. This basketball app helps him track how well he’s doing and improve his shots, which is absolutely perfect for his little competitive self.

Clever Alternative: When the ball needs some air, pump it up with this sports ball pump.

This Butterfly Habitat Gives Us the Best View of a Natural Phenomenon

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden: Original Habitat and Two Live Cups of Caterpillars with STEM Butterfly Journal – Life Science & STEM Education – Butterfly Kit

Each year for the past four years, I’ve bought this butterfly hatching kit for my son, who fell in love with watching the process in one of his school classes. Who knew you could do something so cool and educational at home? Now, it’s become a family tradition of naming caterpillars, watching them morph, and releasing our new friends into society.

Clever Alternative: Kids who are more into sea creatures will love watching these Aqua Dragons grow and thrive.

This Simple Keychain Makes Me Feel Safer

She’s Birdie–The Original Personal Safety Alarm for Women by Women–130dB Siren, Strobe Light and Key Chain in 5 Pop Colors (Aqua)

She’s Birdie–The Original Personal Safety Alarm for Women by Women–130dB Siren, Strobe Light and Key Chain in 5 Pop Colors (Aqua)

I take walks with my dog daily. As much as I love him, I can admit that my little 11-pound pooch isn’t going to scare off anyone if I need him to. Fortunately, this keychain alarm will with its siren and flashing lights.

Clever Alternative: Add this pepper spray keychain to your safety repertoire while you’re at it.

This Silver Ring Looks Like a Million Bucks on My Hand

BORUO 925 Sterling Silver Ring, High Polish Infinity Symbol Tarnish Resistant Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring Size 9

…But it’s less than $10! I love wearing rings, but I don’t want to spend $50 or more to adorn each finger with some sparkle. Instead, I get rings like this silver ring, which is going three years strong with absolutely no tarnishing or green fingers.

Clever Alternative: Keep your jewelry spotless with this affordable but effective jewelry cleaner.

This Rug Pad Gripper Keeps My Area Rugs in Place

Gorilla Grip Original Extra Strong Rug Pad Gripper, Made in USA, 5x8 FT, Thick Slip and Skid Resistant Pads for Area Rugs on Hard Floors, Under Carpet Mat Cushion and Hardwood Floor Protection

With a dog and kids always moving around my home, area rugs never seemed to stay put until this grip pad came along. It keeps rugs in their spots on my hardwood floors, even when I vacuum over them.

Clever Alternative: This area rug is one of my favorite purchases ever.

My Spotty Wi-Fi Works Perfectly After Installing This Wi-Fi Range Extender

Linksys RE3000W N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE3000W)

Wi-Fi signals don’t like to travel through the many walls in my home, so I bought this wi-fi range extender to combat constant buffering on my upstairs TV. I’m happy to say it did the trick, and I can now catch up on my binging of 90 Day Fiancé.

Clever Alternative: Sometimes, an upgrade to a high-range router like this one can help get Wi-Fi signals to different areas of your home.

Who Needs a Yacht When You Can Have an Inflatable Boat?

Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat, 6 person

Sure, a yacht looks prestigious and adventurous, but I’d rather fit my family into this easy-to-inflate boat for a much more affordable price. This boat has let us hit the lake all summer without worrying about pricey docking or transporting costs. All it needs is an air pump.

Clever Alternative: Get this quick-fill air pump that plugs into an outlet or your car’s power adaptor for easy fun on the go.

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