The 35 Best Things I Ever Bought (and Would Never Return)

Jessica's Best Buys Ever
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Hi, I’m Jess! I’m 39, a proud mom to 9-year-old twins (and a 7-year-old pug) and an elementary school teacher. I love spending time with my family, reading, organizing, running, and am especially into home redecorating and remodeling. I also happen to be a VERY picky shopper (quite a bit of buying and returning happening here), which means that everything I recommend on this list has “passed the test” for me. That includes the BEST leggings out there, incredible cloths that keep my face clean and clear with only water, and the one-two punch recipe for perfect sleep that took me years to find.

I’m so happy to share some of my all-time favorite purchases with you, and hope you’ll find a few that you love as much as I do. Thanks for reading!

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This Foam Mattress Topper Was Like Buying a Brand New Mattress

RECCI 3-Inch Mattress Topper Queen, Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Back Pain, with 3-Sided Zipper Bamboo Viscose Cover, Removable and Washable CertiPUR-US (Queen Size)

My mattress was starting to show its age, but I wasn’t exactly eager to take on the expense of a brand-new one. A friend recommended this thick, memory foam mattress topper, and it’s incredible! It’s just the right firmness – hugging my body in a supportive way, without making me feel like I’m sinking into quicksand. It’s SO much cheaper than a new mattress, and the cover is extremely easy to remove and wash. I’m getting sleepy just typing about it…

Clever Alternative: These gel-foam mattress pads reviewers seem to love.

This is the Perfect Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket for Couch - 60x80, Ivory White with Pom Poms - Fuzzy, Fluffy, Plush, Soft, Cozy, Warm Fleece Cover - Perfect for Bed, Sofa

I have owned SO many throw blankets, but this one is something special. I love its ultra-soft textured feel, and the pompoms add some casual fun to the look! I get compliments on it from almost everyone who sees it, but more than anything I love how warm and soft it is to snuggle under with my twins for movie nights. Oh, and speaking of kids – it also washes really well!

Clever Alternative: This fuzzy white oversized throw looks tempting.

These Are the Best Leggings I’ve Ever Found

ALONG FIT Yoga Pants for Women with Pockets, Compression Workout Leggings Tummy Control


Where do I start with these just-might-be-perfect yoga pants? They’re incredibly comfortable, they’re available in 20+ colors, they come with a LARGE pocket (perfect for holding a phone during workouts), and they do a great job “smoothing out the chunk” – my own pet phrase for “shapewear”. There’s so many glowing reviews for these, and plenty of in-use shots to show just how flattering they can be. I recommend ordering a size up from your usual!

Clever Alternative: These super-popular yoga shorts.

This Ginger Tea is the Perfect Way to End My Day

ginger tea | Jessica

My sister-in-law and I are both huge fans of this particular ginger tea. I love having a mug nightly with a little bit of honey. Not only does it help me sate my own sweet tooth, but it also calms my stomach and helps me relax before bedtime. I like to steep mine a bit longer than the recommended 7 minutes, and always toss a couple ice cubes in to make it immediately sippable. Give it a try!

Clever Alternative: This multi-pack of digestion and detox teas from Yogi tea.

I Bought Two Sets of These Fantastic Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep 6-Pack, XL Premium Reusable Natural Fabric Softener Award-Winning

I’ve been using wool dryer balls for years, as I wanted to get away from chemical-laden dryer sheets. I spray these with a bit of essential oils before each cycle to add fragrance and toss them in. My clothes come out feeling soft, smelling great, and generally wrinkle-free! I keep a second set on hand so I don’t have to dig through the clothes before getting another cycle drying.

Clever Alternative: These big, rubber jacks add agitation to your washer.

I Want Everyone to Own This Bathmat

Color&Geometry Original Luxury Chenille Bath Rug Mat, 24x59 Shaggy Rugs, Soft and Absorbent , Machine Wash Dry, Non-Slip Carpet Mats for Bathroom, Tub, Shower, Beige

You know you’re a true adult-adult when you can get this passionate about a bathmat. I bought the runner-sized version to help unify the bathroom space, and it looks fantastic. I love the feel of the thick, nubby chenille pile, which also happens to soak up water like a sponge. I’ve had mine for a couple years and it looks nearly new, and holds up great in the wash.

Clever Alternative: These memory-foam bathmats look quite comfy on the feet.

I Spent 18 Years Looking for This Clipfolio

Steel Mill & Co Cute Clipboard Folio with Refillable Lined Notepad and Interior Storage Pocket for Women, Stylish Black and White Clipfolio, Black Dots

This simple clipfolio may be the most useful thing I’ve ever bought for work. I keep my lesson plans clipped on top, my calendar in the inside pocket, and have the notepad readily available for meetings and any other note-taking that comes up throughout the day. It’s an easy, all-in-one solution that I wish I’d found when I first started teaching 18 years ago!

Clever Alternative: This gold-spotted clipfolio is quite fetching.

This Inexpensive Car Seat Cover Is Pug-Proof

FATTY CHOWCHOW Dog Car Seat Covers 100% Waterproof Car Seat Protector for Pets Front Seat Scratch Proof Non-Slip Durable for Cars,Trucks & SUVs (Black)

I keep this cover on my front passenger seat, where my pug most often sits (safely and securely strapped in!) I bought it for the price-point, but it’s proven pretty invaluable in protecting my upholstery from an onslaught of pug-fur, pug-drool, and dirty wintry pug-paw stains. It’s easy to take on and off, and washes up super well!

Clever Alternative: This larger cover for the whole back seat.

This Is The Hands-Down Best Paintbrush Ever

paintbrush | Jess

As a chronic house re-decorator, I’m also a compulsive wall-repainter, so I’ve gone through quite a bit of painting equipment over the years. I am not exaggerating when I say that this paint brush is the best I’ve ever used. Its shorter, rubbery handle makes it comfortable to hold, and the fine, angled brush end makes it an incredible tool for edging ceilings and baseboards. My 68-year-old dad borrowed it for his last painting project, and loved it so much he ordered his own the same day (and he basically never buys anything)!

Clever Alternative: This tiny trim brush looks like a lovely, tiny complement.

This Cheap Paint Cup Is So Simple and Useful

HANDy 1500-CC HANDy Paint Cup, single

Here’s one of those so-cheap-I’ll-try-it buys that paid off! The Handy Paint Cup allows you to keep your paint close to the source (way less drippage), includes a handy handle, and best of all has a magnet inside the cup that’ll hold your brush when you’re not using it. This way you can keep your brush tip from drying out, and never have to hunt for a safe place to put the brush down. I lent this to my Dad along with the best brush ever, and he bought one of these as well!

Clever Alternative: This very fun-looking paintbrush cleaner.

This Geometric Planter Is Just Stunning to Me

Amazon Brand – Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter, 6.5"H, Black

I still can’t believe I was able to get this planter on Amazon. It has a lovely mix of dull and glossy detailing, and a subtle pattern that mixes and matches with my decor, however often I switch it up.

Clever Alternative: This lovely mid-century plant stand.

These Are The Best Mechanical Pencils For Kids

Paper Mate Mates Mechanical Pencils 1.3mm HB #2 Leads, 5 Count (1862167)

These chubby mechanical pencils are perfect for teaching handwriting. The triangular grip helps little hands with handwriting messes, and the thicker lead means way less breakage than other mechanical pencils. I keep a special cup full of them at our small group reading table, and kids feel SO cool using them!

Clever Alternative: This refill of the special, thicker lead.

I Use These Lovely Tumblers Every Day

water tumbler | Jessica

I truly believe these are the perfect tumblers. They look great, they’re incredibly easy to clean and leave no nooks and crannies where mold can take hold. I bring them to school every day to keep hydrated with ice water, and toss them in the dishwasher every evening.

Clever Alternative: These glass-and-silicone tumblers are a chic alternative.

This WaterPik is a Friendlier, More Fun Alternative to Flossing

waterpik | Jessica

I’ve had to have a lot of cosmetic dental work done, and this WaterPik came recommended by my dentist to keep everything in top shape. It’s just as effective as flossing, without putting the same stress on my teeth. I love how clean and fresh it leaves my gums feeling, and my kids even enjoy using it! I’ve had mine for a few years and it’s been trouble-free and easy to clean.

Clever Alternative: This ultrasonic toothbrush at a bargain price.

The ScrubDaddy Sponge is THE Perfect Sponge

Scrub Daddy Colors - FlexTexture Sponge, Soft in Warm Water, Firm in Cold, Deep Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe, Multi-use, Scratch Free, Odor Resistant, Functional, Ergonomic, 3ct

I love these Scrubdaddy sponges so much, I get a mutli-pack every year from my aunt for Christmas! They stay firm in cold water (perfect for aggressive scrubbing), and soften up in warm water. They foam soap quite nicely, they NEVER smell, and the design provides convenient holes for your fingers while cleaning.

Clever Alternative: These more traditionally-shaped Scrubdaddy sponges.

I Keep My Face Clean and Clear With Only Water and These Norwex Cloths

Norwex cloth | Jessica

If I could pick one product that might be “magic”, it’s these Norwex cloths. I’ve been using them for every day for years with fantastic results. You just wet them with water and wipe down your face. They’re soft on sensitive facial skin and really work to minimize breakouts. I’ve even used them to help with back and chest breakouts as well. Again, you don’t use any soap with these things — only water!

Clever Alternative: These Norwex makeup removal cloths.

It Took Me Years to Find The Perfect Workout Shorts

Blooming Jelly Womens Quick-Dry Running Shorts Sport Layer Elastic Waist Active Workout Shorts with Pockets 1.75" (Large, Army Green)

I adore these running shorts. From the belly-controlling high and thick waistband, to the phone-holding zipper pocket, to the flattering dolphin-cut leg, to the the quick-dry fabric and the built-in undie liner… they’re the perfect combination of everything you could ask for in a running short. I’ve got them in three different colors!

Clever Alternative: These super-popular workout short-tights.

I’m on My Fourth Pair of These Haflinger Clogs

HAFLINGER Women's GZL Leather Trimmed Wool Clogs, Black, 7

I’ve been wearing these Haflinger clogs daily for the last 12 years or so (hence being on my fourth pair!) They’re an incredibly cozy blend of wool upper and Birkenstock-like cork/latex footbed, and make incredible house shoes. My daughter loves to borrow them to wear around the house, and my Mom fell in love with mine about 8 years ago, and is on her second pair now. They’re not cheap, but man are they worth it!

Clever Alternative: These cozy-looking Hallinger slippers.

Here Are The Best Socks Out There

EnerWear 4 Pack Women's Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Trail Crew Sock (US Shoe Size 4-10, Khaki Stripe)

A few years ago I made the “big decision” to finally stop wearing cheap, short-lived socks. Since then I’ve been on a quest to find the “perfect” socks, and I think these merino wool numbers are they! They’re my goldilocks socks (goldisocks?): just thick enough, warm without being sweaty, and attractive without drawing attention to themselves. And the best part? They’re barely more expensive than my old, cheap socks!

Clever Alternative: These merino wool hiking socks are insanely popular.

This Is the Only Brush My Daughter Will use

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush - Pink And Purple - Exclusive Ultra-soft IntelliFlex Bristles - Glide Through Tangles With Ease For All Hair Types - For Women, Men, Wet And Dry Hair

I’m not exaggerating: my daughter has a pretty sensitive scalp, and this popular Wet Brush is the only one she’ll let near her! It’s great for regular combing and painless detangling, and from what I can see on Amazon, incredibly popular.

Clever Alternative: This trio of Wet Brushes looks so versatile.

This Moisturizing Detangler Makes Mornings So Much Easier

Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler, Coconut & Hibiscus, multi, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

We pair this moisturizing detangler with my daughter’s Wet Brush for tear-free, whine-free hair prep every morning!

Clever Alternative: My sister-in-law swears by this conditioner.

I Use These Pop Storage Jars for Everything

OXO Good Grips 5.0 Qt POP Large Cookie Jar - Airtight Food Storage- for Cookies and More

If you haven’t tried these Pop Storage Jars yet, it’s time! They have button-activated airtight seal that keeps all of their contents ultra-fresh. I especially love using them for dog food — not only does the seal keep the food fresh, but I can easily see when the Dear Pug will need a refill. Plus, they’re quite a bit better-looking than bags.

Clever Alternative: These larger-capacity Pop Storage Bins.

I’ve Worn This Blindfold Pillow Every Night for a Decade


I was so uncomfortable when pregnant with my twins, I had to sleep sitting straight up on the couch, and this hilarious-yet-effective Wrap-a-Nap was a lifesaver! I’ve worn it nightly ever since. It provides total darkness, wraps a pillow around the entirety of my head, and even drowns out noise! I like to pair it with foam earplugs for a total sensory-deprivation experience. It’s also incredible for migraines – the immediate dark and quiet helps nip those awful things in the bud. I give these as gifts every Christmas and they’re ALWAYS a hit. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

This Cross-Body Purse is a “Worth-It” Splurge

Dooney & Bourke Camera Zip Crossbody, Ivy Green

I don’t often spend this much on a purse, but this Dooney & Burke crossbody purse was a rare (birthday-related) exception. I love its classic shape, the accessible outside zipper, and the compact-yet-efficient size. It easily fits my wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys, hand-sanitizer and Kleenex, and it looks fantastic!

Clever Alternative: This Dooney & Burke is pretty tempting…

These Insoles Ended My Knee Pain

Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Orthotic Insert for Plantar Fasciitis, Equipment for Home Workouts, BLUE, Men's 6-6.5, Women's 8-8.5

My Orthopedist recommended these exact insoles to help with knee pain after jogging, and they’ve worked wonders – literally ending my knee pain! They’re soft in just the right way, while providing plenty of arch support. I’ve bought 6+ pairs and keep them in all of my running and every-day-wear shoes.

Clever Alternative: These slightly less expensive insoles.

This Is the Perfect Bathroom Stool.

Tundras Boys Blue Step Stool - Great for Potty Training, Bathroom, Bedroom, Toy Room, Kitchen, and Living Room. Perfect for Your House

I bought this stool a few years back to help the kids climb onto the toilet, and reach the sink more easily. Now we use it all over the house to help little hands reach higher places. It’s cheap, durable, and has nice rubbery feet that make it very slip-proof.

Clever Alternative: Speaking of stools, this Squatty Potty’s always made me curious.

It Took Months, But I Found My Perfect Kitchen Table on Amazon

As I mentioned before, I have a bit of a buy-and-try-and-often-return habit, which extends from clothing and decor to actual furniture! This was my third kitchen table I tried, and the moment I set it up I knew it was the one. I love the rustic look paired with the large, chunky legs. The finish is durable and easy to clean, and since it’s a variegated finish, it hides imperfections and scratches easily — pretty important when you’ve got two active 9-year-olds using it for hours a day!

Clever Alternative: This trestle-style table with a farmhouse feel.

These Chunky Benches Were the Perfect Pairing for My Table

I had searched forever for the perfect chairs to pair with my kitchen table until I realized something: they didn’t exist. Instead, I went with these amazing benches, and I’m so glad I did. They fit way more people, they’re easier to keep clean, and they look like they were made for my table.

Clever Alternative: These live-edge benches look amazing!

I Can’t Believe I’m This Excited About Ear Plugs

foam earplugs | Jess

I share my bedroom with my lovely pug, who just so happens to have the world’s loudest snoring habit (it sounds a lot cuter than it is!) These simple foam earplugs are part of my secret recipe for great sleep, despite all the noise. They’re extremely soundproof and surprisingly comfortable, especially considering I have very narrow ear canals.

Clever Alternative: This weird-but-effective sleepmask/pillow/earmuff is the other half of my magic sleep recipe.

This Protein Powder Tastes Like a Milkshake

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 48 Ounce (Pack of 1)

I love this protein powder. It comes in a huge container, has an extremely long shelf-life, and tastes (at least to me) exactly like a Frosty from Wendy’s! It’s also a great way to get increased protein into the kid’s diets — especially when they’re pretty meat-averse.

Clever Alternative: This BlenderBottle mixes your shake for you!

These Are The Greatest Tweezers On Earth

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer (Black)

I’m honestly surprised by my own enthusiasm for these Tweezerman tweezers, but when you find something this good, you’ve gotta share! These are simply the best tweezers I’ve ever used. They’re beautifully made, and grab the hair with such precision, you get it out at the root every time. I even gifted a pair to my younger brother, whose “unibrow” I’ve made fun of for decades!

Clever Alternative: These cult-favorite nail clippers my brother is obsessed with.

These Magnetic Hooks Are My Secret Weapon in the Classroom and At Home

magnetic hooks | Jess

These magic magnetic hooks work on surfaces that other, inferior magnets can’t cling onto! I use them all over the classroom to hold up large, heavy chart paper pads and posters. At home they hold up our large calendar pad, and a host of different cooking utensils around the kitchen. They are seriously great!

Clever Alternative: These magnetic coat hooks look awesome!

This Black Masking Tape is SO Useful

Duck 240877 Color Masking Tape, 0.94-Inch by 30-Yard (Single Roll), Black

I use this black masking tape all over the classroom. It’s great for dividing up endless whiteboard space, and looks so much classier than the regular blue painter’s tape. It’s also available in more than 10 colors, and is much higher quality than any other tape I’ve used!

Clever Alternative: These Duck Brand socket sealers are random, but interesting.

These Mittens Are Perfect for My Daughter

SnowStoppers Kid's Waterproof Stay On Winter Nylon Mittens Large / 4-8 Years Sky Blue

We get SERIOUS winters here, so it’s incredibly important that my kiddos are properly equipped for cold weather. My daughter loves these mittens. They keep her hands warm (Thinsulate lining is key), they’re thin enough to play in, and the best part? Extra-long cuffs that prevent the dreaded snow-up-the-sleeve feeling anyone who grew up with winters can remember.

Clever Alternative: These interesting L-Bow extra-long mittens.

The Award For Least Glamorous Must-Have Goes To These Command Strips

Command Picture Hanging Strips, 18-Pairs (36-Strips), Decorate Damage-Free, Easy to Open Packaging

I love decorating (and redecorating) our house, and have probably gone through hundreds of these Command Strips. They’re simple to apply, hold plenty of weight, and make it so easy to adjust whatever you’re hanging. No holes in your walls to patch, no peeling paint to cover up. They’re great!

Clever Alternative: This larger set holds even bigger frames.

These Adult Snowpants Are Perfect

Arctix Women's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, Large/Regular

I’ve been taking the kids skiing this year, and these snowpants were such a perfect buy. They’re inexpensive but warm and comfortable, and the bib-style prevents any unfortunate lower-back/butt-crack revelations at inopportune times! And the extra-long zipper opening makes them surprisingly easy to put on and take off.

Clever Alternative: These extra-long mittens make a perfect pairing.

These Braided Hair Bands Were an Incredible Find

braided hair bands | Jess

I tried these braided hair ties on a whim, and I’m so glad I did! They’ve got a nice, braided look and hold my hair well without squeezing or pulling. Honestly, they could even make a pretty good-looking bracelet!

Clever Alternative: These same hair bands in a rainbow of colors.

This Is My Goldilocks Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Sophie Backpack Silky Nylon 15" Laptop & Tablet RFID Bookbag for School, Work, & Travel, Black, One Size

I have bought and returned SO many backpacks, it’s made for a fairly embarrassing Amazon history. Finally, I found this backpack, and I’m done looking. It’s perfect in basically every way — size, look, color, weight. The side pockets are perfect for holding my empty coffee travel mug and water bottle, the included laptop sleeve provides protection for my macbook, the front pocket gives easy access to my phone, and the sleek fabric makes it SO easy to clean. Plus, it just looks really lovely 😀

Clever Alternative: This beautiful leather backpack might make me stray.

Everyone I Know Loves This Amazon-Brand Coffee

Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods, Compatible with Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Brewers

I’ve been a committed coffee drinker for over 20 years, and this Solimo Dark Roast is some of the best I’ve ever had! It’s robust and strong, without being too bitter, and every guest I’ve served it to remarks on how great it tastes. Best of all, it’s an incredible value for the price!

Clever Alternative: These reusable K-cups minimize waste.

These Birthday-Cake Protein Bars Are a Serious Treat

Quest Nutrition Birthday Cake - High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, 12 Count

I’m not always in the mood for fixing myself an entire breakfast, so often one of these protein bars hits the spot. I’m a huge sucker for birthday cake flavor, so they’re definitely a treat, but each bar packs 21 grams of protein, 9 essential amino acids, 14 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of carbs. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a quick meal or a sweat treat with some actual nutritional value.

Clever Alternative: These mini bars with even less sugar!

I Use This Travel Coffee Mug Every Day

Copco, Plum Acadia Travel Mug, 16-Ounce

I’m a mom and a first grade teacher, which means that coffee is a must-have every single morning. I use this simple travel coffee mug every day on my drive to school. I like how easy it is to clean, and how secure the lid closes onto the mug — it’s never going to pop off and surprise you with a nice shower of scalding coffee. It keeps my coffee warmer far longer than I’d expect for a non-insulated mug, and washes up beautifully in the dishwasher.

Clever Alternative: This stainless-steel coffee mug could be a fun substitute.

This Rescue Gel Helps With Headaches, Bug Bites, and Tension

Norwex Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel with Natural Botanicals Including: Devil’s Claw Extract, Chamomile, and Arnica

I love this Norwex rescue gel. Its combination of botanicals like Devil’s Claw, chamomile and arnica work to minimize muscle tension and help with my headaches. It even helps minimize itching after mosquito bites! I’m not entirely sure how it works, but I know that it DOES work, and I keep it in my purse every day.

Clever Alternative: This Vitamin C serum with a cult following.

We Use These Simple Trays For Everything

Zak Designs Perfect Living Room Kitchen Metal Handles Zak Serving Trays, MeeMe Large, White

These simple white serving trays are great! We’ve got one on the ottoman for holding drinks, plates, and remotes, and a whole stack of them for everything else. Want a mess-free dinner on the couch? Grab a tray. Want to start a new Lego kit? Grab a tray! They’re minimalist and lovely, made from very solid melamine, and so easy to clean. Plus, above all else: they STACK!

Clever Alternative: These textured serving trays look lovely.

These Modern Outlet Covers Were a Cheap Design Upgrade

TayMac MW2500W Single-Gang Wallplate Non-Metallic Decorator Cover One Grounded Duplex, Pack of 5, White Smooth

As a bit of a design obsessive, I’d always been bothered by our yellowed, 1970s builder-grade outlets. But they function perfectly, and I wasn’t about to sink hundreds and hundreds of dollars into replacing them just for the look. That’s why I was so excited to find these outlet face covers. They provide an instant, clean, modern look over your existing outlets, covering the entire thing, rather than just acting as a traditional surround. Such an easy, cheap upgrade!

Clever Alternative: If I were to replace my outlets, it’d be with these USB and traditional outlets.

I Will Only Buy These Exact Running Shoes From Here On Out

New Balance Women's 840 V4 Running Shoe, Black/White, 5

Sometimes you buy something that suits you so well, you don’t even think about it. These running shoes are a great example. They just work! They’re comfortable, supportive, and have caused me zero knee pair or blisters. I’ve tried SO many pairs of running shoes, and I’m so grateful I found these. They better never discontinue them…

Clever Alternative: These colorful running shoes are extremely cute.

These Inexpensive Socks are Perfect for Working Out


These are my all-time favorite workout socks. They hug my feet perfectly, with elastic that guarantees they’ll never slip. They still look brand-new after all my muddy, outdoor running, and dozens of cycles in the wash.

Clever Alternative: This 6-pack is a popular alternative.

This Simple Net Keeps My Purse Right Where I Need It

Car Cache - Purse Storage Plus Pocket for Small Items - Dog Barrier Too (Black)

This is called the Car Cache, and it’s hands-down my favorite addition I’ve made to my car. It keeps my purse resting safely (and upright!) on the center console, so I can easily access anything I might need while behind the wheel. No more fishing in the wheel wells or stretching to the back seat to get what I need.

Clever Alternative: This leather model is a classy alternative.


This Hobo Bag Can Carry Almost Everything in Style

Fossil Women's Maya Leather Small Hobo Handbag, Black

When I don’t feel like using my favorite backpack, I resort to this roomy-but-stylish hobo purse. It’s so roomy, it can fit all of my large-purse essentials, in addition to work must-haves like my laptop and clipfolio.

Clever Alternative: There’s also a smaller version available.

This Digestive Cleanse Changed My Life

Aerobic Life Mag 07 Oxygen Digestive System Cleanse and Detox Capsules, 90 Count

These supplements were recommended to me by a fitness coach and dietician, and I’ve been using them as needed for years. They don’t cause any stomach pain like other laxatives, nor do they lead to bloating and gas like I’ve experienced before. I love the restorative, calming effects they’ve had on my system.

Clever Alternative: These apple cider vinegar vitamins look delicious.


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