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  • tubshroom hair catcher

    My Favorite Bathroom Gadget: The Tubshroom

    I’m here to sing the praises of one of those humble inventions which labor in obscurity, saving us all from the things we never want to do again.

    It’s called the Tubshroom, and it’s about to be your next best purchase ever. More

  • Apple Airpods

    My Favorite Headphones: Airpods

    I’ve always had a thing for wireless technology. I can remember obsessing over the wireless headphone sets at Best Buy in the 90’s, imagining watching TV at night as loud as I wanted… there’s something still magical to me about them. More

  • Shampoo Brush by Bass

    My Favorite: Curly Hair Brush

    I’d searched everywhere. I’d tried every kind of brush and comb imaginable. This brush is the only brush that consistently transformed tangles into beautiful perfect ringlets. More

  • Charging Cable

    My Favorite Charging Cable: Anker Premium

    Pop quiz: what’s the most important piece of technology you use every day? Most of us would say it’s our phone, but it’s not. Without this simple piece of tech, your phone is a few hours of use away from becoming a powerless, dark-screened brick. More

  • mechanical pencil

    My Favorite Pencil: The Rotring 600

    There are few things more satisfying than a beautifully crafted writing implement, and the classic rOtring 600 has what it takes to rank at the top of my list: timeless industrial design, weighty, powder-coated brass construction, a subtle-yet-satisfying advancing mechanism, and the pedigree of countless artists, designers and draftspeople across the world. (Oh, and your humble writer as well). More

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