50 Clever Products That Solve Annoying Problems

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I think great products have one thing in common: they solve annoying problems. From rubber noodles that save charging cables, to magical mats that keep baking sheets spotless, here are the 50 brilliant, problem-solving products I want that make life easier.

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These Tiny Magnets Turn Your Light Switch into a Key Rack

We’ve spent countless hours hunting for keys around this house, so I’m game for any invention that’ll make keys harder to lose. I love these screw-in magnets because they turn an existing feature (your light switch or outlet cover) into a fully functioning key rack! The rare earth magnets hold keychains strong, and screw into any standard light switch or outlet with ease.

Clever Alternative: This may be the coolest keychain we’ve come across.

These Silicone Making Mats Save So Much Time

I automatically love any invention that makes kitchen clean-up easier, and these non-stick silicone baking mats may be at the top of that list. They fit half-sheet sized pans, withstand heat up to 480 degrees F, and best of all, they keep your pans scorch-free while washing clean with a wipe of soapy water. And since they’re non-stick, you won’t be relying on Pam spray or extra oil to keep your food from sticking.

Clever Alternative: Now you can expend your energy cleaning your drains instead of your pans, with these disgustingly effective drain snakes.

This Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

I couldn’t resist the pun, but as a dandruff sufferer, I can say truthfully that an itchy, flaky, peeling scalp is no laughing matter. This popular micro-exfoliating shampoo clears up your scalp in a wash or two using vegetable-derived micro-exfoliators to remove dead scalp buildup, along with coconut oil to moisturize and tea tree oil to reduce further flakiness. I’m game for anything that’ll mean I can toss my stinky-yet-so-darn-effective Selsen Blue in the trash.

Clever Alternative: This Vitamin C serum may be the most impressive before-and-after photos I’ve ever seen.

This Chunky Silicone Brush Can Do Anything

I feel like I see the same silicone shampoo brushes everyone nowadays, so the design of this chunky silicone brush caught my eye immediately. It’s molded from a solid hunk of silicone, and has three different levels of “nubs” depending on your needs. Longer nubs are perfect for scalp massage and shampoo application, while shorter nubs are great for scrubbing and exfoliation.

Clever Alternative: One of our writers remains obsessed with this more classic-looking scalp brush.

These Oversized Corduroy Blouses Should Be a Wardrobe Staple

I’m a sucker for an oversized boyfriend-style top – who doesn’t love a drapey, comfortable piece? – which is why this corduroy shirt caught my eye. It’d look so great with a nice pair of jeans, and I could definitely see myself throwing it over a tank or t-shirt as trendier alternative for a cardigan.

Clever Alternative: If a cardigan’s more your speed, this ultra-soft option is a major favorite around here.

These Simple Bra Strap Cushions Solve Some Seriously Annoying Problems

These inexpensive bra cushions help with two common (and annoying) issues: painful shoulder divots, or constantly-slipping bra straps. They’re available in a few different colors to suit your straps, and according to users, stay in place all day!

Clever Alternative: This lovely shoulder massager could provide some serious relief at the end of the day.

This Beloved Skincare Oil Minimizes Scars and Stretch Marks

Like any human mother, I have a stretch mark here and there, but I’m skeptical of most products that promise to get rid of them entirely. But the before-and-after shots of this Bio-Oil have got me very curious, and at this price, I can afford to give it a shot!

Clever Alternative: The same company makes a popular gel-based moisturizer for your whole body.

People are Obsessed With This Cuticle Oil, And I Can See Why

I haven’t had a manicure in over a year, and constant hand-washing has ravaged my hands and cuticles. According to many, many happy customers, this Cuccio Milk & Honey Revitalizing Oil is the wallet-friendly solution to my serious hand problem. Just one drop per cuticle is all it takes to restore both cuticle and skin health, and users swear by the oil’s ability to enhance nail health, strength, and growth as well! Now, I can pair this with an at-home gel manicure set for a Mommy spa-day….er, spa evening, probably filled with yawning, after my kid’s bedtime.

Clever Alternative: Keep your restored nails looking perfect with what we can confidently declare are the best nail clippers on earth.

These Rubber Noodles Extend the Life of Expensive Cables

I’m a bit of a cable killer — Lightning cables, USB mini cables, computer chargers, I’ve shredded them all (and paid dearly for it). These flexible rubber protectors may look like rotini noodles, but they provide crucial reinforcement at the most vulnerable parts of any charging cable, extending the life of your cables and saving you major headaches (and cash) in the process. Best of all, a set of four costs a fraction of what a new Lightning cable does!

Clever Alternative: These silicone cable clips will keep your protected cables right where you want them.

These Extremely Popular Under Eye Patches Banish Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Reviewers swear by these gelatinous under-eye masks for soothing fine lines and wrinkles and fading dark circles, and judging by some of the before-and-after photos, I believe it! Each gel mask is loaded with hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and moisturizes delicate under-eye skin, while collagen works to rejuvenate skin, preventing fine wrinkles and sagging.

Clever Alternative: Like everyone else, we can’t stop looking at the user photos from these incredible peeling foot masks.

This Popular Earwax Remover Has the BEST Before-and-After Shots

Another writer here swears by this Debrox earwax removal aid, and I’m getting a bit more than curious about what may be lurking in the depths of my own ear canals! The stuff I’ve seen come out of ears in the user photos has to be seen to be believed. Debrox itself is a safe and painless way to soften and remove buildup in the ear canal with “micro-foaming action”. It’s inexpensive, doctor-recommended, and produces some pretty incredible (and incredibly gross) results.

Clever Alternative: If earwax removal floats your boat, you’ll love checking out this popular tonsil-stone remover.

This Faux-Linen Top is Maintenance-Free

I love the feel and look of linen, but the wrinkles… no thank you! This faux-linen top gives all the beachy, warm-weather vibe of linen, without the inevitable maintenance (or cost). I can pick from more than 15 color options, but would probably stick with the white shirt, atop a pair of slightly worn-out jeans.

Clever Alternative: In fact, the perfect pairing may be these boyfriend jeans one of our contributors basically lives in.

This Flowy Printed Kimono is Perfect for Summertime

This lovely kimono cardigan is the perfect beach coverup that can be worn way beyond the beach! I’m particular partial to the striped pattern (you have 15+ to choose from), as it’d get me looking yacht-party-ready, even if I’m just wearing it to my neighbor’s pool.

Clever Alternative: For a heavier, yet equally amazing-in-its-own-way option, check out this ultra-long hoodie robe we fell in love with.

This Tend Skin Solution Does Away With Ingrown Hairs and Razorburn

As if shaving and waxing wasn’t bad enough, dealing with inevitable ingrown hairs and razor burn makes it SO much worse. This Tend Skin Solution helps minimize the irritation and inflammation that can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs. Users swear by this stuff (more great before-and-afters!) for everything, whether you’re waxing your legs or shaving your face!

Clever Alternative: Exfoliating with a skin brush like this one can help minimize razor bumps and ingrown hairs as well.

This Mascara For Your Hair Minimizes Frizzies and Fly-Aways

Anyone who likes to wear their hair up knows the annoyance of inevitable frizzies and flyaways detracting from your look! Thankfully someone invented this Hair Finishing Stick, which uses a natural, plant-based solution to help comb and tuck those errant hairs away, while simultaneously moisturizing dry, frizzy hair.

Clever Alternative: This mascara for your eyelashes may be the most popular one on the internet.

The Bladebrush Makes Scrubbing Knives Risk-Free

I LOVE Joseph Joseph products. Their ingenious kitchen gadgets are high quality and well-priced, and their Bladebrush is yet another example of their perfection. This clever invention makes it easy and safe to scrub your knives, and works great for any other flatware as well. It’s also almost shockingly affordable.

Clever Alternative: Joseph Joseph’s crowning achievement is the Drawerstore, officially the best silverware storage solution on the market.

Why Do I Keep Seeing This Hand Cream Everywhere?

Because people are obsessed with how well it works. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream may have the most loyal, vociferous fanship of any cream in the world. Every winter my knuckles get cracked, dry, and crusty, and no matter what I do (heavy lotion application, switching to lighter soap, regular glove use), they still crack and crust. But reading through the reviews (and poring over the gross-yet-captivating before-and-after shots), I have to say: this stuff looks like a miracle worker, and I’m ready to convert.

Clever Alternative: A close second in dedicated fanship may be the owners of the feet rescued by this powerful callus remover.

This May Be the Most Unique Knife on Amazon

It’s called the Poop Knife, and it’s the only knife on the market specially design to mitigate toilet clogs before they start. Yes, you’re reading that right: this knife is specifically crafted to slice oversized poops into more ‘digestible’ portions for your porcelain throne. Enough of my awful euphamisms… the real star of the show here is the hilarious assortment of customer reviews, which I highly recommend reading.

Clever Alternative: Speaking of cleaning out pipes, this dryer brush kit has before-and-afters that must be seen to be believed.

This Key-Sized Multitool Can Do Anything

The GeeKey may be the world’s perfect stocking stuffer. Among its 16+ features, this genius little doo-hickey includes: metric and imperial wrenches, wire stripper, bike spoke key, wire bender, slotted, phillips and square screwdrivers, file, ruler, protractor, 1/4″ bit driver, and — I am not lying here — you can even use the thing as a smoking pipe (odd, but included)! The more I write about this thing, the more I want one myself…

Clever Alternative: When it comes to solid steel gadgetry, this hunk of steel chain mail is apparently the best cast-iron cleaner on the market.

This Chic Top is Perfect for Every Day Wear

I love this piece! The plunging neckline shows off a bit, while the peplum waist looks great on all body types, and the tie-back adds some nice detail to the top. I’m big on simple black tops like these that can pair so well with some jeans, or dressed up with a pair of heels. It’s even available in more than ten colors!

Clever Alternative: Looking to dress it down for summer? Check out this floral boho top one of our contributors adores.

This Natural Gemstone Grip is Like The World’s Most Elegant Popsocket

We’ve declared our love for the homely Popsocket all across this site, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping our options open, and these gorgeous gemstone phone grips have a real shot at our hearts! They affix and operate just like their more popular cousins, but come in a variety of stunning stone options, from gold-rimmed green agate to gold-rimmed pink quartz.

Clever Alternative: You’ll want to keep that lovely phone clean with one of these UV phone sanitizers that we use constantly!

This Popular Lip Scrub May Cure Your Chapped Lips Forever

Living through winter means some serious chapped, peeling lips in this household. Rather than bite away the dead stuff (gross, I know!), I should be using this popular sugar lip scrub to exfoliate away the problem. Reviewers swear by this Beauty For Real sugar scrub for revitalizing dry, chapped lips, and painlessly scrubbing away stubborn, dead skin.

Clever Alternative: Our writer swears by these truly insane lip masks for moisturizing and exfoliating.

These Contour Gauges Let You Replicate Anything

I’ve seen viral videos of these contour gauges all over the internet, and this one looks like the best on Amazon! They’re really simple in application: just press the gauge up against whatever you want to replicate, and the hundreds of plastic fingers move to replicate the exact shape. People use them all the time for flawless work on molding, woodworking, and flooring. I just think they look fun to play with.

Clever Alternative: When it comes to bang-for-your-buck tools, we love this set of cordless grass shears.

This Color Block Tee Gives Madewell Vibes at a Target Price

This ultra-soft tee is the perfect throw-it-on top for spring. I love the long, flowy cut, and could see this pairing beautifully with a simple pair of jean shorts.

Clever Alternative: If you’re looking to add some ultra-comfy warmth, you can do a lot worse than this pastel camouflage crew our writer loves.

People Are Obsessed With These Oversized Shower Wipes That Let You Bathe Anywhere

I hadn’t looked into shower sheets much before discovering these, and after reading the reviews, I’m 100% on board! Users swear by these Yuni shower sheets for cleaning and freshening up anywhere, anytime. They’re much larger than a normal wipe, with a light, non-intrusive fragrance. People keep them stashed in their car, desk, purse and backpack for quick wipe-downs after a workout, or easy, no-water-required bathing while camping.

Clever Alternative: Shower sheets may be the perfect pairing for this travel friendly full-sized blanket that fits in your hand.

I Want This Organizing Insert for Every Purse I Own

We all have that one purse we LOVE, that’s a complete and utter mess on the inside. These purse organizing inserts could add easy, slip-in organization to even the messiest bags. They’re constructed of durable-yet-soft felt, and with 12 additional pockets, will make your purse as organized on the inside as it is lovely on the outside.

Clever Alternative: The genius Car Cache will keep your well-organized purse close at hand in your car!

Every Closet Should Include This Handbag Organizer

While my purse collection may be a bit more on the quantity-over-quality side, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to take care of my bags. This clever organizer would rescue them from their purse dogpile on our closet floor, and keep them all in beautiful order. I’d imagine this is even more tempting for those of us lucky to boast a host of high-$$ purses that deserve their own, special home!

Clever Alternative: Speaking of bags, one of our writers is obsessed with this “Goldilocks” backpack, and I can totally see why.

These Flowing Harem Pants Are the Anti-Leggings, and I Like That

As much as I enjoy a great pair of leggings, I don’t need every pair of pants to cling to my legs! These harem pants look like such a breezy, comfy alternative. I love the flowing cut – especially at the heel where they remind me a bit of Jasmine’s pants in Aladdin. They’re available in a host of colors and patterns.

Clever Alternative: Speaking of comfy pants, one of our writers is truly obsessed with these inexpensive lounge pants.

These Light Switch Covers Are Also Nightlights

I’m a sucker for any multi-purpose gadget, so these SwitchLights are right up my alley! They snap onto your existing light switches, and provide adjustable lighting whenever your light switch it off. Want to use it as a nightlight? Keep the light at full-strength, and the SwitchLight will provide plenty of LED lighting to keep kiddo’s fears at bay. Want a subtle indicator to help you find your switches at night? Dial the lighting down to a soft, barely noticeable glow.

Clever Alternative: These SnapPower Guidelights add lighting to your outlet covers!

These Heavy Rubber Balls Roll Pain Away

These cult-favorite massage balls are a popular, inexpensive way to roll away muscle knots and tension. Reviewers swear by them for rolling away headache-inducing upper back tension, sciatic nerve pain, shoulder impingements and a host of foot-related issues.

Clever Alternative: This crazily popular shiatsu massager does the work for you.

People Love This Popular Weighted Blanket Without a Hefty Price Tag

My friends rave about their weighted blankets, but I’ve had a hard time getting past their equally hefty price tags — I just can’t justify $125+ for a blanket! Fortunately there are some high-quality, budget-friendly options on the market now, and this weighted blanket may be the best of them. It features 7-layer construction and entirely glass beads, which are less prone to heat-retention than cheaper plastic beads. You can choose from more than a dozen sizes and half a dozen weights, and it’s recommended you choose a blanket approximately 1/10th your body weight.

Clever Alternative: If you’re just looking for an incredible-yet-regular blanket, one of our contributors swears this number is the world’s most “perfect throw blanket”.

I Will Be Adding A Set of These TravelJane Disposable Urinals to My Glove Compartment

The TravelJane disposable urinal may be my favorite find on this list. Sure, it seems ridiculous at first, but how many times have you been stuck somewhere, miles from a usable toilet, with your bladder ready to explode? This gadget is designed for fit female anatomy (and can accommodate males), and contains a polymer that immediately turns liquid waste into an odorless, disposable solid. I love that the makers of the TravelJane have a sense of humor about the product – though I can’t decide if their note, “Reusable until full!” is genuine, or tongue-in-cheek.

Clever Alternative: These silicone female urination devices offer a reusable solution for pee-mergencies.

This Lovely Bag is Perfect for Travel

I love this clever little shoe bag. Not only does it look great, but it keeps your shoes separate from all of your clothes, guaranteeing your clothes will stay nice and clean, while your shoes stay in great shape.

Clever Alternative: This cult-favorite callus remover with unbelievable before-and-after photos, to keep your feet in great shape too.

These Tiny Inventions Prevent Big-Time Disasters

These inexpensive-yet-genius GoGo Heel Stoppers keep your heels from sinking into grass, gravel, cracks, and whatever other dangerous surfaces you may need to tread. They also add some much-needed stability, and since they’re clear, nobody will even notice you’re wearing them.

Clever Alternative: While you’re out and about in heels, make sure your skin’s on point with these gunk-drinking pimple patches.

This Shark Tank Invention Belongs in Every Car

I can’t count the number of times I’ve lost my phone into the “abyss” between my driver’s seat and my center console. Fortunately, the geniuses behind the Drop Stop have put an end to such agony! This hit Shark Tank invention is crafted from expanding neoprene to fill whatever sized gap may exist between your seat and console. It’s a small price to pay for NEVER having to fish for your phone again.

Clever Alternative: This incredible cleaning slime will keep the rest of your car looking perfect.

This Clever Tray Lets You Eat With Dignity, Anywhere

The GoGoTray may be the perfect solution to eating on the go! Built-in compartments hold plenty of food for an adult, while the included media recess can prop up your phone or tablet so you can enjoy a show with your dinner (or lunch). The smooth top closure and comfortable lap pad help it do double-duty as a lap desk as well.

Clever Alternative: Our writers are obsessed with this adjustable lap desk.

This Powerful Little Vacuum is Impossibly Cheap

I don’t know how, but I generate an incredible amount of crumbs and debris all over my desktop. This little vacuum looks like the perfect solution to maintaining a lovely, gunk-free workspace. It’s small enough to fit in a desk drawer, yet attractive enough to keep out in the open. And best of all, it’s rechargeable!

Clever Alternative: When it comes to maintaining a nice desktop, we can vouch for this lovely leather desk mat.

These Cheap Labels Should Come With Every Cord

Anyone who’s set up a computer or home entertainment system knows just how annoying it can be to lose track of which wire is which, then have to go tracing from one input to the next, trying to make sense of it all. These dirt-cheap labels solve that problem! With 50 to a pack you’ll be able to label every cord in your house.

Clever Alternative: While you’re labeling your wires, may as well get your electronics clean as a whistle with our very favorite electronics cleaning brush. It’s great at getting all the gunk out of your phone, headphones, and more.

Literally Everyone Needs This Cord Organizer

Like everyone else I know, I’ve had a growing gordian knot of random cables in a box in our home office for literally years. And on the rare occasions I actually need one of those cables, it’s a Herculean effort to detangle the thing! So when I saw this elegant cord organizer, I had to add it to cart. One hour spent filling this baby up, I’d get rid of so many useless cables, and rest with the peace of mind of knowing whatever cords I DID need were sitting, perfectly untangled, in this lovely organizer.

Clever Alternative: Solve an even more annoying problem than tangled cords! We swear by these bed sheet fasteners for keeping fitted sheets exactly where they belong.

This Elegant Utensil Set Lets You Eat Well Anywhere

We typically keep some disposable silverware in our glove compartment, but this lovely set of utensils looks like a far nicer (and more environmentally-friendly) solution! Each set comes with an oversized spoon, fork, compact knife and pair of chopsticks, and each utensil disassembles to fit into a compact, silicone-lined case.

Clever Alternative: This truly genius silverware storage solution is our all-time FAVORITE.

This Pack of Portable Scissors Fit Anywhere

These portable scissors are small enough to fit anywhere! I always seem to need scissors when I’m out and about, so tossing a pair of these in my purse is a no-brainer. I especially like that they fold up in a way that covers the blades, and you get three to a pack!

Clever Alternative: According to our writer, these Harperton Nail Clippers are the best cutting implements you can buy.

This Popular Waffle-Knit Top is a Mystery I Want to Solve

I love the slouchy, accidentally-sexy look of these waffle-knit tops, but I have yet to figure out what the bra solution would be. Either way, popping a shoulder out on a loose top is always a great, “uh-oh, I accidentally look good” move.

Clever Alternative: These waffle-knit henleys provide an equally waffle-y, considerably more conservative option.

This Kit Replicates Expensive Gel Manicures at Home

This incredibly well-priced starter kit is packed with everything you need to do your own gel manicures at home, and save SERIOUS money. You get six colors of gel polish, a top coat base gel set, nail art tools and the all-important fast-curing LED lamp, to set everything in place. The whole thing’s cheaper than one visit to the nail salon, and you won’t even have to leave the house!

Clever Alternative: With your nails on point, you can cheaply upgrade your lashes with this wildly popular mascara our writer can’t stop raving about.

This Clever Dock Mounts Your Phone or Tablet Anywhere

I love keeping my phone close-at-hand while prepping dinner, but don’t love the inevitable grease platters and sauce smears that get on it! This Dockem wall-mount looks like the perfect solution. The two pieces mount easily with Command strips, allowing you to fit any sized device you may need to keep close at hand. The open design allows you to continue charging your device while mounted, meaning you won’t risk your show dying on you while you clean your 100th brussels sprout of the evening!

Clever Alternative: This 5-in-1 tool basically makes our writer a ninja in the kitchen, with or without phone-televised entertainment.

These Popular Bottles Keep You Hydrated

This simple water bottle has one genius improvement: graduated indicators that show you where you should be for water consumption throughout the day. The (many, many) reviewers also tout the bottle’s quality, heavy-duty construction, leak-proof design, and just how easy it is to clean.

Clever Alternative: This incredible glowing water bottle actively reminds you to drink.

This Budget-Friendly Kinesiology Tape Helps Alleviate Pain

I’ve used similar tape when undergoing physical therapy before, but it was VERY expensive. This Sparthos Kinesiology Tape is a massive step down in price, without (it would seem) any tradeoff in performance! Kinesiology tape is great for helping support joints (elbows, wrists, and ankles especially), and this tape even comes with a 41-page taping manual, so you’ll get started off on the right, pain-free foot!

Clever Alternative: When it comes to wrist rehab, we’ve had incredible luck with this fun, squishy finger trainer.

Every Parent Needs a Set of These Simple Straps

Talk about a simple invention that solves an unavoidable problem! These clever little lanyards strap onto mask loops, providing a safety net that’ll keep your kiddo from dropping or losing their mask constantly. I love that each strap is adjustable, so you can change the length of the lanyard as needed, depending on your kiddo’s age and size. Best of all, they come in a pack of six, for less than the price of one decent kid-sized mask!

Clever Alternative: We’ve been very happy with these cute, kid-sized masks.

Any Stye Sufferer Will Want This Heated Eye Mask

I had to click on this hilarious-looking mask when I first saw it, but upon reading the description, realized: heck, I need this thing! This heated eye mask is purpose-built to help anyone who suffers from dry-eye, clogged glands, or styes (if you don’t know what a stye is, consider yourself lucky). It heats from 104 to 140 degrees F, is USB-chargeable, and constructed of cotton and flaxseed, to help maintain heat. Hilarious? Yes. Soothing-as-all-get-out? According to almost every reviewer, you bet!

Clever Alternative: While you’re treating those styes, go a step further with this bizarre but effective skin tag remover.

This Gorgeous Basket Keeps Fruit Fresh

I think this fruit basket is stunning, and love that the floating design not only looks great on your countertops, but also keeps fruit fresh. You can get it in copper, rose gold, and black finishes.

Clever Alternative: These blue plastic apples will keep refrigerated produce fresher, for longer.

These Ultra-Popular Strap Pads Keep Kiddos Neck Comfortable

I wish I’d found these ultra-soft car seat strap pads years ago! The pads that came with our daughter’s car seat always left red marks on her little neck, and we’d cover them with softer washcloths to keep her comfortable. These pads prevent rubbing and irritation from straps, while providing a nice, soft surface for baby (or kiddo) to rest their head against. Most importantly to any parent: they’re machine washable.

Clever Alternative: I think mom might deserve this belt pad for adults for herself.

This Ultra-Narrow Cabinet Doubles as a Toilet Paper Holder and Storage Solution

Our bathroom is old, with nooks and crannies that are just big enough to notice, but too small to use effectively. This ultra-narrow cabinet may be the solution for us. At only 6″ in width, it can fit easily between the toilet and the wall, while 31.5″ of height makes it a legitimate storage cabinet, in addition to a toilet paper dispenser.

Clever Alternative: Speaking of space-saving, this genius hanging laundry hamper is the perfect addition to any bathroom door.

These Magnetic Spice Racks Maximize Storage Space

These magnetic spice racks turn your refrigerator door into storage space! They can hold as much as 11 pounds without sliding, which means you can use them to store pretty much anything you’ll need in the kitchen, from spices to condiments to cleaning supplies.

Clever Alternative: This SpiceSpinner is quite a unique take on a traditional spice rack.

These Simple Stove Covers Save Such Headaches

If I could pick one household chore to never do again, it’d be a close call between cleaning our stovetop, and scrubbing the toilet – and I mean a very close call. That’s why I will be treating myself to a set of these stovetop protectors. You put them around the base of your burners, and these non-stick liners capture all of the splatters and spills that would otherwise cauterize themselves onto your stovetop, leaving rock-hard, carbonized fossils almost impossible to remove. When it comes time to clean, just remove the liners and wash them down with soap and water.

Clever Alternative: This giant silicone funnel for your pots and pans will keep splatters where they belong.

This Simple Putty Makes Your Headphones Less Disgusting

I LOVE my Airpods. They may be my favorite ‘splurge’ purchase of all time! But they have one downside: they seem go gather up ear-gunk (wax, dust, hair) like a magnet – a problem that’s not only pretty gross, but also ends up muffling the sound of the headphones themselves! These Airsquares promise to remove all the disgusting gunk lurking in your Airpods (or anything else, really). You just press it into any gunk-ridden crevice and the putty grabs buildup like a magnet! Check out the before-and-after review shot for some serious gunk-grabbing action.

Clever Alternative: This cleaning slime grabs dust like a magnet.

These Popular Drops Take the Headache Out of Wine

While I may love a glass of wine every once in a while, I find — especially as I get older — that my head certainly does not. That’s what got me interested in these Drop It wine drops, which promise to remove the tannins and sulfites (typical culprits for wine-triggered headaches) within 20 seconds of application! It’s a more discreet and easy solution than wine wands and other gadgets that sit in your drink.

Clever Alternative: For those of us prone to headaches (wine-related or not), this incredibly popular rub-on migraine stick may be a great solution.

Some Please Buy Me One of These Popular Shiatsu Massagers

I’ve read through so many glowing reviews for this massager that I’m ready to take the plunge. Not only does it feature four built-in deep-kneading massage modes (doesn’t that sound incredible?), it’s also heated, AND comes with a power adapter for your car. I’m officially going to be massaged while I commute, and that makes me happy.

Clever Alternative: Mix that massage in with some fantastic back stretches using this back stretcher we’re obsessed with.

This Oversized Jean Jacket Gives Serious Vintage Vibes

A great jean jacket is a key component of any capsule wardrobe, and this oversized number hits the sweet spot for me! You could pair this with anything: jeans, shorts, even a printed sundress.

Clever Alternative: I honestly think these cute denim overalls would look great with the jacket!


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