50 Things I Don’t Own But REALLY Want to Buy

Baffin Cush Booties
Baffin Slippers - Photo by Everything Clever

A lot of my work time is spent browsing products, so naturally, I come across at least a few things every day that I end up adding to my cart, or saving to my wishlist, or sending to a friend with a text: “Hey, should I get this ?” Too often, I do. So I figured I’d grab some of my all-time favorite discoveries that I don’t own (yet), but can’t wait to try. I’m sure you’ll find plenty here that’ll get you to click “add to cart” just as quickly as I did!

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This Chunk of Pumice Makes Incredible Before-and-Afters

Source: Amazon

It took me about three minutes of clicking through the before-and-after shots for this pumice-on-a-stick to realize: I must try this ASAP. It’ll rid your toilets, sinks, and even your grills of stubborn stuck-on hard-water stains, calcium deposits, and more. It even comes with a handy plastic case to keep it clean and ready for regular use.

Clever Alternative: This cult-favorite mildew remover with equally amazing before-and-after shots.

This Cult-Favorite Cleaner Could Transform Our Aging Tile

Source: Amazon

Our house is almost 100 years old, and no matter what we try, it’s almost impossible to get our grout clean. This stuff looks like it could do the trick: it’s a gel-based formula that requires ZERO scrubbing (now you’re speaking my language). It looks like a miracle worker.

Clever Alternative: This hand-held power brush that looks like an electric toothbrush on steroids.

This Hooded Onesie Is for Comfort Connoisseurs Only

Source: Amazon

One and done! That used to be what I’d say about the perfect dress, but these days I’m barely leaving the house. So this hooded adult onesie may become my new uniform. Seriously, it looks like it does it all. Covers my body? Check. Zips up? Check. Wraps my head in comfort? Check. All of it. I want it.

Clever Alternative: And if I dare to “up my look” as the kids say, I might give this more fashionable one piece jumper a try.

This Squishy Silicone Brush That Can Clean Anything

Source: Amazon

I’ve grown increasingly disgusted with our aging plastic-bristled scrub brush, so when I came across this silicone brush, I knew it had to be mine. It’s malleable, flexible, and since it’s made of silicone, completely heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Clever Alternative: This oddball family of brushes that could clean basically anything.

I Want This Hoodie Dress

Source: Amazon

When I saw this hoodie dress I thought, “oh that looks cute,” and apparently so did nearly everyone else. It comes in so many colors, and the pictures show that it can look cute on lots of body types! I’m sold.

Clever Alternative: I’m also falling in love with this hoodie dress-slash-nightgown for lounging around the house.

These Tiny Brushes for Your Brushes Look So Satisfying to Use

Source: Amazon

There may be two types of people in this world: those who keep their hairbrushes spotless, and people exactly like me. Well, if I’d only known about these tiny hairbrush-cleaning brushes sooner, I’d be in the former camp, and proud of it. These tiny brushes get between the bristles of your hairbrush and make cleaning out those mats of hair, dust, etc., SO easy, and — at least it looks to me — incredibly fun to use.

Clever Alternative: This comb cleaner that looks somehow painful.

These Chunky Silicone Discs Are Like Pet Hair Magnets

Source: Amazon

Like all dog owners, I looooove my pup. And I can abide a reasonable amount of shedding. But come summer, things around our house get… ridiculous. That’s where these silicone furzapper discs could come in major handy. You toss one in with your wash, and the silicone attracts any loose pet hairs that’d otherwise stick to your wet clothes. Toss another in the dryer, and it’ll nab the rest. The customer reviews show some pretty dramatic effects, so I’ve added these to my must-buy list already.

Clever Alternative: These special dryer sheets that apparently fight pet hair like a boss.

Forget Snuggies and Slankets This Wearable Blanket Looks Waaay Better

Source: Amazon

I am always cold, but my family will only tolerate me turning up the heat so high. So this delightful Snuggie alternative looks perfect for people like me who need to wear a blanket even when we (sometimes) leave the couch. It’s reversible, fluffy and beloved enough by its 5-star reviewers that they actually posted pictures of themselves wearing it.

Clever Alternative: And if you don’t mind looking like a wizard, this bigger wearable blanket could work, too.

These Hot-and-Cold Pack Could Solve Almost All My Problems

Source: Amazon

I recently started doing Yoga regularly (or should I say, re-started, for the 5th time), and I’m feeling some real positive effects! I’m also feeling some serious muscular pain, especially in my upper back, making these hot-and/or-cold compresses look so tempting. They provide up to 30 minutes of ice-cold compressing, and can even be microwaved to heat those muscles into submission.

Clever Alternative: This smaller ice pack that makes some big promises.

This Simple Fence May be a True Work of Genius

Source: Amazon

I can’t tell you how many things I’ve lost behind our laundry machines… probably because it’s so hard to get back there, I haven’t bothered to look. But I’m sure that a good portion of our single socks have lost their mate to the dusty, probably-spidery-abyss behind the washer and dryer. So needless to say, this magnetic fence for your washer seems like a true work of genius to me. It sticks on with powerful rare-earth magnets, keeping all your loose clothes where they belong. Apparently it even works atop your fridge, if you’re in need of containment up there too.

Clever Alternative: This clever sock keeper that might serve a similar purpose.

This Pocket Scarf Is A Hidden Treasure

Source: Amazon

No more awkward shuffling through my purse with gloved hands. This genius scarf with a hidden pocket could hold my phone, credit cards, keys and anything else I need to keep on hand. I also love that it is still a super cute infinity scarf that goes with anything.

Clever Alternative: These hidden pocket yoga shorts !

These Tiny Tablets Produce Big (Gross) Results

Source: Amazon

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a sucker for a great before-and-after shot, and few products boast more a more impressive portfolio than Bottle Bright. These tiny tablets promise to rid all of your water bottles and coffee tumblers of caked-on stains, residue, calcium, and more. They’re all natural, biodegradable, and chlorine-free, and I can’t wait to give them a try.

Clever Alternative: This popular bottle brush.

This Fur-Grabbing Broom Is Extremely Popular

Source: Amazon

I maintain some semblance of dog-hair-free order in our house with a strict routine of sweeping the hardwood floors, vacuuming them with a special pet-fur vacuum, and pulling out the big vacuum for the carpets. It’s looking like this FurRemover Broom could save me all of that effort. The all-natural rubber bristles actually attract pet hair like a magnet, making it incredibly easy to gather startlingly gross piles of pet fur with very little effort.

Clever Alternative: This popular pet hair roller.

I Want This Snore-Stopping Gadget For One Simple Reason

Source: Amazon

After years of wedded bliss (or something close to it), my husband has decided that he’s going to start snoring. I’m ready to nip it in the bud with this nasal dilator, which sounds more intimidating than it is. It’s a little plastic doo-dad that helps open up the nasal passages, painlessly. I haven’t forced them on him yet, but once I do, I’ll report back.

Clever Alternative: This mouthpiece that should stop the snore.

Everybody Says These Are The Perfect Slippers For Chronically Cold Feet

Source: Amazon

I swear I could be so warm that I’m actually sweating, but my feet would still be cold. I’m tired of doubling up on socks, so these puffy Baffin slippers (seemingly made for the Arctic) may be the answer. I like that the soles are soft so I could probably even sleep in them! I just need to hurry up and pick a color, since they sell out so often.

Clever Alternative: These ankle-height puffy slippers might also need to get added to my cart.

This Hideous Hunk of Grey Stone May Be the Best Hair Remover Ever

Source: Amazon

OK, this one had me saying, “huh”? The Furzoff looks like any chunk of rock you’d find in your backyard, but will apparently remove every piece of pet hair it touches. It’s most effective on carpet and car upholstery, as its rough texture may not play nice with clothing. Fortunately, I’ve provided a few other awesome-looking options for solving that problem.

Clever Alternative: These hair-removing gloves.

These Simple Notepads Make Meal Planning Easy

Source: Amazon

I’ve always wanted to get into serious meal planning, but I’ve never found a solution that worked for me. These clever planners look like the perfect way to get it going! They’re well laid out, and I really like the removable shopping list portion, so I basically can’t find a way to forget the must-haves that make real meal planning possible. It’s also equipped with a magnetic back, allowing you to keep it in prime refrigerator-door territory.

Clever Alternative: These cute bigger meal-planning pads with a bit more real estate.

These Workout Tanks Come With Pockets!

Source: Amazon

I’m already a sworn loyalist to yoga pants with pockets, and these beautiful workout tanks with pockets are the natural extension of my dedication. They’re available in more than 40 (yes, 40) colors, and I’ll be ordering at least a few.

Clever Alternative: These yoga leggings with pockets I just mentioned.

These Genius Mousepads Double as To-Do Lists

Source: Amazon

Spare real-estate on my tiny desk in my tiny home office is… tiny. Every square inch seems dedicated to necessities like my keyboard, mouse, and 3-4 old coffee mugs I haven’t gotten the energy to bring to the kitchen. That’s why this mouse pad / to-do list makes SO much sense to me. Not only could I maximize my workspace with a two-for-one invention, but I could also finally get into the practice of list-making that may help my (sometimes) frazzled brain make it through the day intact.

Clever Alternative: This oversized mouse pad planner that’s much more business-like.

This Clever Plastic Claw Chops Thaw Times in Half

Source: Amazon

I don’t like to defrost meat in the fridge (too many leaky-meat experiences… don’t ask), so this sink-mounted solution speaks to me. Yeah, it looks straight of a late-80s infomercial, but that’s part of the appeal here. You just suction-cup it to your sink, and it keeps the object of your thawing desires perfectly placed under the warm water for maximally effective unfreezing.

Clever Alternative: This oversized jar lid remover with a similarly cheesy appeal.

This is The Best Carpet Spot Remover You Can Buy

Source: Amazon

It’s a bold claim, but after poring over the listing, I’m a true believer. This Folex Spot Remover works on carpet, upholstery, rugs, and clothing, and you don’t even need to scrub or rinse to see results!

Clever Alternative: This Grandma’s Secret spot remover with an equally rabid fan base.

Hoodie, Jacket or Robe? This one does it all.

Source: Amazon

This knee-length hoodie is definitely in the “why don’t I already own this” category. It seems super comfortable for those lazy days on the couch, but versatile enough to wear as a beach cover-up, and good-looking enough to answer the door in. I need it.

Clever Alternative: These super cute lightweight hoodies also look tempting.

I Am Flipping Out Over This Smartphone Spatula

Source: Amazon

Maybe would finally stop dropping my phone in pancake batter if I had an adorable yet functional phone-holding spatula in my kitchen. Because I can’t cook a thing without a recipe, and I can’t get a recipe without my phone, it would be awesome to free up that other hand for stirring, kneading and taking hot things out of the oven!

Clever Alternative: This smartphone kitchen tools holder is a handy alternative for holding onto more than just your phone.

With These Squeezable Clips I Might Actually Keep The Bread Closed

Source: Amazon

To be honest, old twist and tuck method of keeping the bread closed never actually worked. So perhaps I could finally say goodby to stale bread ends with these tiny-but-mighty, squeezable bread clips on hand. Even a bag of rice could be saved from spilling out everywhere.

Clever Alternative: And these little bread clips even come in a few fun pastel colors.

These Adorable Silicone Kitchen Ties Keep it Fresh

Source: Amazon

I could guiltlessly get rid of all those pesky plastic bread clips with a few of these silicone ties in my kitchen drawer. They look super flexible. They stand up to hot water. And, let’s face it, they’re cute as all get out.

Clever Alternative: But these puppy-shaped silicone bag ties are a close tie for cuteness!

I’m All-In on These High Waisted Leggings

Source: Amazon

Let’s be honest, I want my leggings to make me look skinny in the RIGHT places. And if the model in this photo (you should see the others) is any proof, then these leggings might actually be magic. And apparently, they pass the see-through test, too. Add!

Clever Alternative: These leggings with pockets also seem extremely useful.

These Notably Colorful Pens Would Make An Art of Note Writing

Source: Amazon

Even my to-do list would seem more fun when written with this pack of 18 colorfed pens Because, let’s admit it, nearly everything seems more fun when written in “ocean green” or magenta.

Clever Alternative: This pack of 36 colored pens are a clever alternative for when 18 isn’t enough.

I Need These Sleep Aid Pills Like I Need Sleep – Desparately

Source: Amazon

I hate it when I finally hit the sack early and can’t fall asleep, so these all-natural sleeping pills may be the answer to my insomnia-addled prayers! Unlike a nightcap and a couple of Advil PM, these probably won’t have me waking up full of regret more tired than I went to bed.

Clever Alternative: This equally popular valarian root sleep aid may be an equally dreamy sleep solution.

This SockDock Saves So Much Time

Source: Amazon

As funny as this thing looks, I know I’d end up using it constantly! You thread each pair of socks into the SockDock, and toss it into the wash. Voila! No more hunting for matching pairs after every load, or finding straggler socks in need of a partner.

Clever Alternative: These colorful discs that keep individual pairs together.

I Need This Clip-on Cupholder On My Desk ASAP

Source: Amazon

I’m all-in on anything that declutters my workspace. This clip-on cupholder may look a little crazy, but I definitely see the utility. It looks especially useful as a pen/pencil holder, a phone holder, or just an easy catch-all for all the random doo-dads (memory cards, cords, notes, paperclips) that tend to clutter up a desktop.

Clever Alternative: This genius invention that adds a cupholder to your couch!

I Need Six of These Waffle Knit Tops

Source: Amazon

There are days when dressing myself feels like an art form, and other days it feels like a chore. This comfy waffle knit long sleeve top could be perfect for those days when I just need something to pair with jeans so that I can be seen in public. Throw a necklace on that, and I could look like I shop at Madewell when, in fact, I very much shop on Amazon… for everything.

Clever Alternative: And this sleeveless henley looks like the warm-weather answer to my wardrobe.

This Silicone Utensil Rest Will Keep Stovetop Polished

Source: Amazon

There’s few things I enjoy more than scrubbing our stovetop, and that’s why this invention caught my eye. This silicone utensil rest sits atop your stove and holds up to 4 utensils at once, catching any drips and drops before they can cake themselves into stubborn spots on your stovetop. You even find one to match your decor with 14 different colors to choose from.

Clever Alternative: This silicone mat custom-made to hold your dish soap and sponges.

This Collapsible Laundry Basket Makes So Much Sense

Source: Amazon

Over the years, we’ve lived in some apartments that were SO small, a full-sized, rigid laundry basket was a huge waste of space. This collapsible laundry basket folds down to 3 inches thin — that’s thin enough to fit easily between our washer and dryer, or slide into the linen closet with ease.

Clever Alternative: This set of collapsible colanders.

I’m Gifting This Tartan Blanket Scarf To Every Woman I Know

Source: Amazon

When is a blanket a fashion accessory? When it’s this tartan scarf that is so big it can double as a blanket. I’m definitely wearing this to my next outdoor gathering. Also, if you know me, please stop reading this because I’m getting this for your birthday.

Clever Alternative: I’m also into this scarf with pockets that can hold my cellphone.

This Apple Watch Stand May Be the Cutest One on the Market

Source: Amazon

I think this Apple Watch stand is just insanely clever. It’s a hunk of silicone molded to look like an iconic 1980s Macintosh, with your watchface acting as the computer screen. Best of all, it easily houses your charging cord, making it the perfect bedside dock for your favorite wrist-mounted gadget.

Clever Alternative: This Apple Watch stand that looks like a Gameboy.

My Husband Needs This Cactus Scratcher Right Now

Source: Amazon

My husband needs his back scratched so often, sometimes I think I’m married to a hybrid of bear and man. That’s why this clever little gadget looks so perfect for us. It’s got two different levels of scratchers, and balls on the handles to make it easy to grip. I don’t how how it’s this cheap!

Clever Alternative: This Cactus Scratcher on a stick.

This Fleece Hood and Mask Covers it All

Source: Amazon

There are those times when it’s chilly, and there are those times when it is undeniably, unforgivingly freezing COLD. This mask hood combo looks like the solution to that kind of cold. I’m done trying to wrap my scarf up to my eyeballs. I’m getting this one.

Clever Alternative: And there is even a cute little animal mask hoods for the kiddos!

I Can’t Wait to Try This Toilet Paper Foam

Source: Amazon

I’ve always preferred using wet-wipes for certain trips to the restroom, but I’ve never been keen on their impact on the environment (and our plumbing). That’s what makes this toilet paper foam so great! You just spray a bit on your toilet paper, and voila! Instant pipe-friendly wet-wipe, and incredibly clean bum.

Clever Alternative: This toilet paper spray featured on Shark Tank.

This Crazy Gadget Makes Hot Dogs Delicious

Source: Amazon

I’m not the world’s biggest hot dog fan, but when I saw what the Slot Dog can do, I was hooked. The hatchwork of knives cuts slots into the hot dog, which, as the dog cooks, allow it to plump up with juicy squares and crisp edges and plenty of space for condiments.

Clever Alternative: These Curl-a-Dogs turn your hot dogs into curliques.

I Could Live in These Fuzzy Slipper Socks

Source: Amazon

I could see myself in these fuzzy slipper socks on basically any day that I want to top off my comfy with more cozy. I love that they are calf-length (but can fold down), and look like fuzzy little teddybear feet.

Clever Alternative: I would also gift these fluff-lined socks to anyone I like.

I Desperately Need This Meditation Pillow

Source: Amazon

My friend swears by this pillow for meditation and yoga at home. It’s filled with buckwheat hulls (like traditional Japanese pillows), and can even be adjusted to suit your taste in firmness! Plus it’s made from organic, eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced materials (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Clever Alternative: This truly beautiful meditation pillow.

This Stretchy Phone Case Could Replace My Wallet

Source: Amazon

This thing looks great! You just stick it to the back of your phone (or phone case), and it holds all of your credit cards, ID, cash, what have you! And it’s available in more than a dozen colors.

Clever Alternative: This truly beautiful classy leather version.

My Friend Swears By These Bra Bags

Source: Amazon

I’ve always just tossed delicates in the wash, but my friend swears by these bags for washing everything from bras to face masks.

Clever Alternative: These larger laundry bags for larger delicates.

These Squishy Foot Pads Could Make Me Wear Heels Again

Source: Amazon

I’m not wearing a lot of heels these days, but once things ‘open up again’, you can bet I’ll be wearing my best wherever I can and these squishy gel foot pads will make my feet not hurt for once.

Clever Alternative: These crazy-looking metatarsal pads look weirdly comfy.

This Kids Mask and Hoodie Combo Solves Two Problems at Once

Source: Amazon

I can’t count the number of times I looked down at my bundled up kiddo only to realize that her face was completely freezing! Even before masks became regular wear, I struggled to find something that kept both her head and face protected. Then, voila, I found this handy little mask and hood combo that does both, and keeps her looking like an adorable panda too! Um, heck yes, this is going in my cart.

Clever Alternative: And, yes, there’s a mask and hoodie combo for us grown-ups as well.

This Magnetic USB Cable Looks Incredible

Source: Amazon

These cords work with ANY gadget you’ve got — whether you need a lightning cable, USB micro, or USB-C, and they’re magnetic. You just plug in the appropriate attachment into your phone, and the cords magnetically attach to it and start charging. I can’t wait to try these…

Clever Alternative: This 6-pack of all different lengths.

I Desperately Want to Try These Silkworm Cocoons

Source: Amazon

You read that right: these are actual cocoons made by actual silkworms, and people swear by them for gentle-but-effective exfoliation, collagen production, and all-around skin health.

Clever Alternative: These cult-favorite acne patches for when cocoons aren’t enough.

I’m Going to Need This Jumpsuit In All of the Colors

Source: Amazon

Okay, this jumpsuit might actually be fashion magic. Throw a blazer on it – it’s work wear. Take the blazer off, it’s lounge wear. And if it looks half as good on me as it does on all of the reviewers, then I think I’ve found my new uniform. Seriously.

Clever Alternative: This version of the jumpsuit comes in a few more colors, too!

These Colorful Silicone Trivets Are Squishy and Beautiful

Source: Amazon

While they’re made to protect your countertops and tables from hot cookware, these colorful silicone trivets are attractive enought to be used for pretty much anything. They’re crafted from food-grade silicone, which makes them heat-resistant and incredible easy to clean. Each set comes with three trivets (in three different patterns), and you have your choice of a dozen different colors.

Clever Alternative: This nesting silicone trivet set that’s almost like a puzzle.

This Silicone Holster Could Save Me So Much Pain

Source: Amazon

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scalded myself on my hot flat iron (though I guess I could count the scars…). That’s what makes this silicone holster so appealing. It’s crafted from heat-resistant silicone, so you’ll never burn yourself, and attaches to any flat surface with ease.

Clever Alternative: This ultra-popular styling station.

I Need These Super Long Socks In My Life

Source: Amazon

Because wearing pants under my pants on cold days makes me feel like a stuffed sausage, I can’t wait try these thigh-high socks. My plan is to wear them under pants to enjoy the comfort of socks all the way up to my thighs.

Clever Alternative: They might even look cute with this lounge shorts set.

These Shoe Covers Are Like The World’s Best-looking Rain Boots

Source: Amazon

I don’t know what it is about these silicone shoe covers, but I want them. They’d be perfect for taking jogs (or winded walks, if you’re me) when it’s rainy, and they’re available in seven different colors, if you’re looking to be dry-footed and stylish.

Clever Alternative: These heavy-duty overshoes my dad used to wear.

This Cat Humidifier Is Also The World’s Cutest Nightlight

Source: Amazon

I’m going to be getting one of these adorable humidifiers for my son’s room post-haste. During the winter he’s especially prone to nosebleeds, so we’ve been using a larger humidifier to keep his room comfortable at night, but this one looks so much more fun. It even offers seven different nightlight colors (though his will HAVE to be blue), to suit the mood!

Clever Alternative: This polar bear humidifier may be even cuter.

These Headrest Hooks Are the Best Cheap Gadget I Ever Bought

Source: Amazon

Confession time: I own these already. But they’re so handy, and affordable, I couldn’t leave them off the list. These headrest hooks snap right onto the metal bars of your headrest and provide the perfect place to hang your purse, umbrella, grocery bags, what-have-you, keeping it well within arm’s reach from the driver’s seat.

Clever Alternative: This four-pack of similar hooks.

This Pocket Scrunchi Lets You Store Things in Your Hair

Source: Amazon

I may finally stop losing my keys if I could keep them in my hair. This pocket scrunchie is definitely in the “why didn’t I think of that” category. I love that you get four to a pack!

Clever Alternative: This hollow brush will also hide your valuables.

I Am All In on This Huge Sticker That’s Also a Plunger

Source: Amazon

I don’t often need a plunger (what a humble-brag!), but when I do, it’s never a pleasant experience — especially cleaning up. These huge stickers affix to your toilet bowl and create an air-tight seal. Once applied, you just push down until the clog is dislodged, then peel off the sticker and you’re on your way. No messy trails of water (and whatever else) to wipe up!

Clever Alternative: Luigi’s World’s Best Plunger which looks kinda fun to use.

I’m Going To Call This My Zoom Shirt

Source: Amazon

I’ll be keeping my sweats on for the next Zoom call, but looking totally professional with this mock-collar sweater on. Because, I’m done messing with a real button down these days. I’m getting this.

Clever Alternative: Pair it with this gold flat chain necklace and, boom, I’m done.

This Tiny Scoop Could Change My Mornings

Source: Amazon

I’m an unapologetic fan of Crystal Light lemonade. There, I said it. The only downside of this delcious habit is effectively getting the lemonade powder into my narrow-mouthed water bottles. That’s where the Scoopie enters the scene. This cute little invention acts as both a scoop and a funnel, helping you get every speck of that lemonade (or supplement or protein powders) where it belongs.

Clever Alternative: This bottle that is also a blender.

We Are In Desperate Need of These T-Shirt Organizers

Source: Amazon

I am married to one of those humans who has amassed a host of, let’s say, sentimental t-shirts, of which he refuses to part with even a single one. That’s why these t-shirt folders and stackers caught my eye. Can you imagine opening the closet to see row after row of perfectly-folded, beautifully-stacked, heaven-for-type-A-people-organized t-shirts? Ah, a girl can dream. Or, add-to-cart, right now…

Clever Alternative: These underwear drawer organizers.

This Mattress Lifter is the Friend I Need Right Now

Source: Amazon

Believe it or not, I don’t like putting fitted sheets on the bed – and, unless you’re insane, I imagine you don’t either. This mattress-lifting wedge both lifts your mattress and tucks in your sheets, saving you the headache (and arm/backache) of struggling with that giant mattress yourself.

Clever Alternative: This single-purpose bedsheet tucker.

The World’s Most Popular Tiny Air Purifier Belongs on My Wall

Source: Amazon

My sister has one of these GermGuardian air purifiers in her kitchen, and swears by it. This tiny box uses UV light to purify the air of germs, odors, even cooking fumes! And considering just how expensive the big-boy GermGuardians are, I think this one’s a solid bargain.

Clever Alternative: This two-pack of the older-model GermGuardian.

I Want to Be The Kind of Woman Who Wears This Jumper

Source: Amazon

This artsy jumper makes me think, “dare I?” It’s one of those simple-but-unique outfits that might make me look like I am waiting for a New York City taxi when, in fact, I am waiting for the school bus.

Clever Alternative: I feel like this wide-legged romper would also make me look way more put-together than I am.

I Want to Steal These Flat Sandals From My Best Friend

Source: Amazon

My closest friend wears these things all the time, and there’s something about these ultra-simple flat sandals that appeals to me (beyond the price), and I’m ready to take the plunge. Perhaps it’s the 13+ color choices, or the subtle-yet-lovely brass details. I don’t know. But I do know, they’re gorgeous.

Clever Alternative: These bare-bones alternatives that are impossibly cheap.

I Want This Glove Duster For Two Very Specific Reasons

Source: Amazon

First: it reminds me of Oscar the Grouch. And second, I actually like to dust. I’d just toss on two of these babies and wipe my entire house down, with joy (this is how I have fun, ok!?). They’re made of a proprietary Nanalon microfiber which cleans basically anything without the need for detergents. Oh, and did I mention they’re incredibly cheap?

Clever Alternative: These cult-favorite Korean dishwashing gloves.

These Scratch-Free Scrapers Can Peel Basically Anything

Source: Amazon

It’s called a Scrigit, which seems like the perfect name for these inexpensive plastic scrapers that can take care of almost any sticky situation. They’re particularly adept at getting out all that sticky gunk that builds up around sinks and faucets, in addition to peeling even the toughest stickers and adhesives. These appeal deeply to my desire to scratch, pick, and peel, and I’m in for a five-pack.

Clever Alternative: These sophisticated 2-in-1 cleaning brushes you’ve probably seen everywhere.

This Simple Plastic Bottle Top Is The Cleverest Thing I’ve Seen This Month

Source: Amazon

The Flip-it! Bottle Emptier is just so clever, I want it right now. You can screw it onto almost any kind of bottle, and the Flip-it! keeps the bottle up-ended, allowing whatever viscous liquid inside to flow to the bottom. Not only does it minimize waste, it’ll help keep sticky substances from building up on the sides of your bottles (I’m looking at you, squeezable honey bottle).

Clever Alternative: These zero-waste caps that serve a similar purpose.

This Batwing Sweater Is So Chic

Source: Amazon

I was trying to figure out why this simple, comfy sweater draws me in. Is it because it looks cute with jeans? Shows a sexy shoulder? That’s it. I want one.

Clever Alternative: This thicker batwing sweater also comes in a few more colors.

This Sugar Dispenser Has a Magical Feature

Source: Amazon

Somehow (don’t ask me how, I still haven’t figured it out), this simple sugar dispenser measures out a precise 1/2 teaspoon dose of sweetness every time you pour it. I was attracted to it for its simple, fairly minimalist look, but the added feature sold me.

Clever Alternative: This truly gorgeous sugar jar made by Godinger.

I’ll Love Pancake Mornings Even More With This Batter Dispenser

Source: Amazon

This is yet another forehead-slapper. I’ve been pouring out pancakes from a Pyrex measuring cup for decades (like a sap), and my stovetop has paid the price for it. These clever batter dispensers use gravity to feed batter out – for pancakes, cupcakes, other types of cakes – in a precise, clean way, saving you big on cleanup time. After all, who wants to scrub caked-on Bisquick while digesting a stack of pancakes?

Clever Alternative: This steel pancake dispenser for the truly serious flap-jacker out there.

This Zipper Jar Opener Makes Me Smile

Source: Amazon

The company Ototo makes some of the more whimsical kitchen accessories out there, and this jar opener this is one of my favorites. You just sling the hoop around the jar you want to open, push the (actually functioning) zipper nice and tight, and give it a twist. Boom! Now your pickles are free from their unjust imprisonment, and ready for a quick, painless end in your belly.

This Table Runner is Also a Trivet

Source: Amazon

I’m a huge fan of two-for-one functionality, and this Trivetrunner is the definition of it. Not only is it an attractive – nay, handsome – runner for your table or countertop, but it’s also a functioning trivet that insulates your precious surfaces from temperatures up to 300 degrees F. Add in the fact that it’s available in 18 different color combos, and you’ve got a winner. I’m picking red.

I’m Going to Stop Borrowing This Cardigan

Source: Amazon

Who knew that one simple drapy cardigan could automatically improve so many outfits? It seems to go with nearly everything. Leggings? Yes. Jeans? Yes. Dresses? Yes. Chrissy, if you’re reading this, just know that I am finally going to stop borrowing that cardigan from you because I just found it on Amazon.

Clever Alternative: I might need to get this color block cardigan I’ve seen everywhere on Instagram, too.

This Cute Infuser Adds Whimsy to Your Soup

Source: Amazon

Why do I want this? First, it’s cute. It looks like a drumstick! Second, it’s practical, especially for anyone that likes to make homemade soups and stocks, but hates pulling out bits of bay leaf or whatever other herbs you’re infusing into your delicious broth.

Clever Alternative: These tea infusers that look like the Loch Ness Monster.

Nothing Makes More Sense Than This Inverted Syrup Dispenser

Source: Amazon

For years humankind walked around saying, Yes, we must dispense syrup from the top of a jar, and deal with the inevitable sticky remnants, drips, and droplets. No more! This inverted syrup dispenser puts the opening on the bottom, allowing gravity to do what it was invented to: dispense delicious, thick syrup (or honey) without creating a big old mess.

Clever Alternative: This very geometric alternative.

These Colorful Spool Huggers Make Me Want to Sew Right Now

Source: Amazon

These little half-moons of silicone are so clever. They’re called Peels, and they wrap around any sized spool of thread to keep them from unraveling. No more tucking the thread up at the top of the spool, only to struggle to find it the next time you need it!

Clever Alternative: These Bobbin Buddies that keep your threads matched up with your bobbins.

These Fairy Lights are Also Photo Clips

Source: Amazon

Look, just because I’m (cough) decades removed from dorm room life, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some early-20’s boho style once in a while! These inexpensive fairy lights would look SO great in our little home office. And the best part is, they come with 50 clear clips to hang your photos, which is what really sells them for me.

Clever Alternative: These color changing star lights would look amazing in a kid’s room.

I Have to Try These Frizz-Reducing Pillowcases

Source: Amazon

I keep hearing rave reviews for these mulberry silk pillowcases, and I’m ready to believe the hype. Silk pillowcases create way less friction than traditional cotton blends, minimizing hair frizz and breakage. They’re also, apparently, pretty good for the skin.

Clever Alternative: These cheaper satin pillowcases.

My Face Is In Desperate Need of This Cult-Favorite Bronzer

Source: Amazon

It’s winter as I write this. My lips are chapped, my knuckles, also chapped, and my face woefully untanned. This lightweight bronzer by Elizabeth Mott is the answer to winter paleness for tens of thousands of women, and I think I’m next on that list.

Clever Alternative: This Fake Bake bronzer people are raving about.

This Clever Device May Be The Best Thing on My List

Source: Amazon

There are a few perfect combinations in the world: Bert and Ernie. Peanut butter and jelly. Breakfast and bed. And we can now add another to that list: phone charger, and hand warmer. Yes, this innocuous-looking device combines the comfort of constant phone power, with the equally lovely comfort of constant hand warmth. Let it charge your phone while it warms your hands with temperatures from 107 to 131 degrees F. I need one of these in every pocket I’ve got!

Clever Alternative: This very sophisticated alternative.

This Little Travel Humidifier Makes So Much Sense

Source: Amazon

I think this little thing is so clever! It fits right in your purse, and when you want to use it, you just screw a bottle of water onto it. Boom! You’ve got a portable humidifer, keeping yourself comfortable and moisturized, whever you go.

Clever Alternative: These tiny humidifiers that sit in your cup of water.

I’d Use This Weird-Looking Arm Roller All The Time

Source: Amazon

I spend SO much of my time hacking away at a keyboard, I’m constantly running up against sore forearms (yes, I do use a wrist-rest and take breaks!). Unfortunately, I’m running out of arm-massage credits with my husband, so this arm roller looks like the next step. You can adjust the tightness of the rollers to get the perfect amount of tension, and the base even suction cups to your desktop, so its right there for those mid-paragraph massage breaks.

Clever Alternative: These Theraband resistance bars that look fun to use.

This Glowing Charger Looks Incredible

Source: Amazon

Have you ever looked at your phone charger and thought: Man, that’s too boring. I hadn’t either, until I stumbled across this doozy of a phone charger. Beyond the incredible appearance, it’s a pretty standard charger: two USB ports, plugs into the wall, yada yada. But man, it just looks amazing.

Clever Alternative: These light-up charging cables make an appropriate pairing.

This Set of Five Resistance Bands Look Fun to Use

Source: Amazon

A close friend of mine is a dancer and pilates teacher, and swears by these giant rubber bands for strength and flexibility training. This pack has over 70,000 reviews, comes with five varying resistance levels, and costs about the same as three cups of coffee.

Clever Alternative: These wildly popular core sliders.

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