50 Things I Want Right Now

I Want This highlights the best, cutest, weirdest and most “want-able” products we’re adding to our cart.

Spending hours a day scanning through the internet for clever, interesting, and otherwise “genius” inventions can feel a lot like panning for gold: most of the time you’re looking at sand, but just occasionally, you spot a glimpse of something glittering with promise at the bottom of your pan. These products are those little glimmers – 50 things that caught my eye (and soon, my wallet), and are sitting in my cart as we speak.

From caffeinated mints (yes, they exist!) to a cult-favorite winter coat to a tiny robot that’ll open your curtains, here’s 50 of my latest discoveries that I can’t wait to try. Hope you find something good!

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Like most humans on earth, I’m often plagued by head-squeezing, the-world-may-just-be-ending migraines, and I’m very tempted by this Migrasil Migraine Stick. Happy users (and there are many) tout the stick’s ability to relieve tension and migraine headaches with a cooling mix of spearmint, peppermint, and lavender oils. It’s not much bigger than a tube of lipstick, so could easily live in my purse full-time.

These simple heel socks contain a moisturizing gel that’ll get to work on your crusty heels in your sleep! They’ll work even better, however, if you apply your favorite lotion right before bed. I like nothing more than cosmetic fixes that I can literally sleep through, so added these right to cart!

Clever Alternative: Speed things along with this ultra-popular O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream.

I’ve seen photos of the Lifestraw in action before, and knew I had to try it. It can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water without the help of chemicals like chlorine and iodine, and removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne parasites, and it does this all while weighing in at a mere 2 ounces. I don’t know how it works, but I can’t wait to try it!

Clever Alternative:This emergency charger that’s powered by solar, or hand-crank.

As someone with occasional (but awful) back tension and pain, these acupressure pillow and mat sets have tempted me forever. Yeah, they look painful, but after reading through dozens of user reviews, that seems like the point. The hundreds of tiny acupressure points hurt at first, then sweet relief washes over the back in the form of spreading warmth, and lowered tension. These apparently give a new meaning to the term, “Hurts so good”!

Clever Alternative:These actually affordable massage guns.

It’s called the Theraflow, and this ultra-popular foot massager may become my new best friend. I love that it has various rollers for various acupressure effects, and plenty of room for both feet at one time.

Clever Alternative: This rubbery roller looks quite fun to use.

This is one of those that’s-too-weird-not-to-try inventions! This sticky slime apparently drinks up dust like it’s thirsty for it. And because of its slime-like nature, can fit into nooks and crannies that even the most detailed cleaning tools can’t. Plus, let’s be honest, it just looks SO cool!

Clever Alternative: This 4-pack of slime in different colors.

These bag sealers are so tempting. Sure, they could seal up every last chip bag in the house, but I’d really like to use them to seal up frozen foods. No more double-bagging a half-used bag of frozen corn with an expensive Ziploc – just seal it back up with one of these guys!

Clever Alternative: These popular, oversized bag cinches.

These reusable rubber twist ties can do pretty much anything. Loop up too-long power cords? Check. Hang a birdhouse from your front tree? Check. You can even twist them together to make extra-long ties for bigger products. They’re UV-resistant and guaranteed to stand up to the elements.

Clever Alternative: These extra-long ties for extra-big applications.

When I have trouble sleeping (which is too dang often), I like to read a book – a habit which my very understanding husband grudgingly accepts. But with this tiny, inexpensive reading light, we could have the best of both worlds. The Flexilight attaches to your book like a bookmark, can adjust to any angle, and provides pointed, bright light for easy reading. It’s available in over 10 colors, including a few fun patterns.

Clever Alternative: This touch-control reading light.

I’d love to get one of these bright surge strips to bend gracefully around the back corner of our sectional couch. They’re available in a few bright colors, and the bendable design means you can fit basically any power brick into each plug — no more taking up valuable plug spaces with oversized power adapters!

Clever Alternative: This power-strip tower is like three surge strips in one.

This tea-steeping thermos looks so cool! You just put in your favorite tea (loose or bagged) and some hot water into the bottom. Let it steep, then push down the ice-filled top and boom – instant, fresh, iced tea anywhere!

Clever Alternative:This makeup repair kit involves a few more steps.

This tea-steeping thermos looks so cool! You just put in your favorite tea (loose or bagged) and some hot water into the bottom. Let it steep, then push down the ice-filled top and boom – instant, fresh, iced tea anywhere!

Clever Alternative: These tiny stainless-steel tumblers are adorable.

As we share our house with a toddler and a senior doggo, paper towels and carpet spray are placed strategically throughout the house. These Bissel stain-lifting pads could be our replacement. They promise to lift basically any stain, without any spray, scrubbing or cleaning necessary. You just put the pad on the spill, step on it (releasing the cleaning formula), and lift the stain away. I’m ready to try this!

Clever Alternative: This cult-favorite Pink Paste cleaner.

I’d love to get a set of these inexpensive “neon” lights for our daughter’s room! They’re actually made with colored LED lights (no neon to leak, or high-voltage power to worry about), and come in a variety of colors and shapes to match your decor. They seem like a perfect non-traditional nightlight to me!

Clever Alternative: These text-lights you’ll “love”.

I’ve never tried a lip mask before, but these have me more than curious. You rest these slimy-looking masks on your lips, and after 10-15 minutes, they drink up the collagen and other nutrients in the mask. Users say they leave their lips feeling smoother, less chapped, and gently exfoliated. 

Clever Alternative:These 24K gold eye patches look like a great pairing.

Some close friends of ours swear by their air fryer for everything from chicken wings to french fries to fish, and I’m getting ready to make the leap. This Dash Compact Air Fryer seems to be the perfect combination of size, power, and ease-of-use. While it’s got a compact footprint, the fryer boasts a 2-quart fry basket – plenty of space to cook up a crispy dish for the entire family.

Clever Alternative:This jumbo air-fryer oven for when you get serious.

One of the things I miss most about regular visits to the movie theater is what we call, affectionately, “rabbit turd ice cubes” in the soda. There’s something undeniably superior about a ton of tiny ice cubes, instead of just a few big honkin’ ones. These trays create 80 tiny cubes at once — they freeze fast, and come out easily, thanks to the all-silicone construction. 

Clever Alternative: These hexagonal ice cube trays with a lid.

I know these rainbow scratch notes are intended primarily for kids, but I’d use these all the time for everything. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re coated in a lottery-ticket-like scratchable compound, which is incredibly satisfying to use.

Clever Alternative: These full-sized scratchable papers.

I know, I’m a sucker for kitschy kitchen gadgets, but this one’s worth adding to the list. To use it, you put a clove of garlic inside the peeler, rub it back and forth between your hands, and then push out a perfectly peeled clove of garlic from the bottom – no need to worry about lingering garlic hands! And since it’s made from 100% silicone, it’ll rinse clean, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Clever Alternative: This garlic-shaped garlic chopper.

I’ll be honest, I never really looked at my mittens and said, “man, these are boring, let’s toss some hedgehog detailing on there!” But boy, am I glad these folks did. These things are adorable! And unlike a real hedgehog, they’re Inexpensive, soft, and available in six different colors.

Clever Alternative: These animal paw mittens with built-in claws.

You had me at “microneedles”! These patches use a network of tiny needles to deliver pimple-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and tea-tree oil below the skin, getting right to the source of your blemish. They’re even oversized so you can take on those real honkers before they get even worse!

Clever Alternative: These vacuums for your pores.

I am not a lazy person, but when you tell me I can buy a tiny robot that will open my curtains for me, I say: take my money! It’s called the Switchbot Curtain, and it’s genius. You can control the thing with Alexa to open and close your curtains on command, or even program it to open and close ’em at different times of day. Switchbot makes a variety of different tiny controllable robots, but this is my favorite.

Clever Alternative: This tiny Switchbot pushes light switches for you.

We keep our back gate locked with a padlock, so any time I need to go take the trash out, I have GOT to remember the key. And guess what? I almost never do. But I always DO remember my fingers, which means one of these fingerprint locks would be the perfect replacement. One charge can lock and unlock 2500 times! They can recognize up to 15 fingerprints, and sync with an app on your phone for easy configuration.

Clever Alternative: This luggage-sized fingerprint lock.

I’m a major fan of kitchen gadgets, and this one caught my eye for two reasons. First, it’s kind of genius: you just fill up the base with dish soap, then press your sponge on the top for a ‘refill’ whenever you need. Second: it’s a perfect place to rest your sponge when you’re done washing up! No more soggy sponge getting stinky in the sink, or pooling water across the countertop.

Clever Alternative: This handsome mason jar foaming soap dispenser.

I’m pretty religious about hand-sanitizer use in the family (kinda have to be with a toddler), so I think this hand-sanitizer bracelet is insanely clever! Just fill it up with your preferred sanitizer, and you’re a quick push of the bracelet away from a dollop of hand sanitizer – so much easier than digging in your crowded purse with dirty hands. While they’re not exactly elegant, I do like the minimalist design, and they’re apparently quite comfortable.

Clever Alternative: These wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers are surprisingly affordable.

There’s nothing worse than fishing through a crowded fridge for that one bag you just can’t seem to find. The Zip n Store solves that problem by adding telescoping ziplock storage to your fridge! They store your bags upright, making use of valuable (often wasted) fridge space, while holding up to 20 pounds of food across its 12 storage slots. 

Clever Alternative: This set of fridge storage bins is flawless.

We’ve always wanted to make ice cream at home, but man, those machines aren’t cheap! This Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker’s a bit more in line with my budget. You just keep the plate in your freezer, then when you’re ready, pour your ice cream mix in, wait for a few, then get to scraping! You can toss in any toppings you like as you create your own Cold Stone Creamery in your casa.

Clever Alternative: This ice cream mix makes a perfect pairing.

This adorable spatula-slash-scraper is made by Ototo, who make some of my favorite cute-meets-useful kitchen gadgets! The Splatypus’ beak works great for spreading spreadables, and is also designed to help scrape the last bits of food out of your jars. And its all-silicone construction makes it impossible easy to clean.

Clever Alternative:This cheese and fruit knife that looks like a little elf.

Another winner from Ototo! The “Swanky” ladle is designed to float gracefully atop your soups and stews – turning your chicken soup into a “swan lake” (groan). But seriously, this thing looks SO cool, and costs about as much as your average ladle.

Clever Alternative: This snow globe that’s also a sugar bowl.

This adorable bookmark puts a proud little spaceman atop whatever tome you’re currently working through! Sure, you can make a bookmark out of anything, but I’d rather have this little dude welcoming me back to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the 9th time than an old gum wrapper!

Clever Alternative: This squished wolf bookmark is hilarious.

I’m a sucker for fidget-type toys around my desk, and this one looks like a great two-for-one: a toy to fidget with as I work at my desk, and a stretcher to keep my often-cramping hands in fighting shape. It’s designed so you can both exercise your fingers stretching outwards, or squeezing in on the ball at the center.

Clever Alternative: This hand exerciser that looks like a yellow submarine.

Yes, it looks a bit like someone melted a pig into the mold for a shot glass, but the ToothPig has got to be the cleverest toothpick dispenser on earth. Just turn it upside down and shake and a toothpick drops from one of the Pig’s nostrils! This is definitely topping my my list for stocking stuffers this year.

Clever Alternative: This q-tip dispenser that looks like a blossoming lotus.

We’re big fans of “Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers” (please, check them out if you haven’t already), but those are specifically for toilet reading. This huge Book of Unusual Knowledge would find a happy home on our coffee table. It’s filled with over 700 pages of random facts, stories, games, and lists. Want to learn how Lynrd Skynrd got its band name? Or how the 1980s fax machine really got started in the 1840s? It’s all in there. I figure if I memorize this, I can be the queen of bar trivia (when that starts up again)!

Clever Alternative: Here’s the newest of those Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers I mentioned.

Murder Mystery Parties were one of those things I always wanted to be invited to… and never was. Well, fret no more, me! This book packs 20 different intriguing murder mysteries into one volume. You act as the sidekick to detective Medea Thorne, and help her solve a series of murder-themed puzzles. Sounds perfect for an Agatha Christie obsessive like myself!

Clever Alternative:This collection of mysterious stories about impossible crimes.

What an amazing idea! This book is pre-formatted to help you turn your family recipes into a family recipe book, complete with templates for ingredient lists, instructions, and even spots for photos of the finished dish! Now, the main thing I’ll need to do is actually come up with some heirloom worthy recipes…

Clever Alternative: This 1000+ page couple’s journal called “Our Life Story”.

That’s not to say I have a death wish — really just a strong, persistent, never-ceasing Nap Wish. But since those are rare as hen’s teeth in this house, I’m thinking it’s about time to up my caffeine game. Numerous friends rave about this Death Wish Coffee, which purports to be “The World’s Strongest Coffee”. It’s USDA, fair-trade, and the company promises to refund your purchase if you don’t love the stuff. Hey, if it makes me feel actually awake while I’m awake, I’ll take it.

Clever Alternative: This coffee scoop that clips your coffee closed.

Roombas always seemed out of reach, but this eufy RoboVac is right in the sweet spot of value and quality. Measuring only 2.5″ tall, the eufy provides up to 100 minutes of vacuum power, automatically boosts suction when it senses extra dirt, and even charges itself! The idea of a little puck doing my chores for me while I sleep fills my heart with joy. Fortunately, my birthday’s coming up…

Clever Alternative: This classic Roomba that works with Alexa.

Each pet owner has their own unique way of dealing with pet hair — for us, it’s a box full of sticky, disposable lint rollers from Ikea, and while they work well, they’re not cheap, and plenty wasteful. This insanely popular ChomChom Roller looks like the perfect replacement. Just roll the ChomChom back and forth and the patented brush system picks up every hair in sight, storing it in the catchment chamber for easy disposal. Users tout its ability to pick up hair from almost any surface — carpets, beds, clothes, you name it!

Clever Alternative: This equally popular self-cleaning pet brush with retractable bristles.

I love my dog to death, but there are a few things I’d change about him. First off — less shedding. Next? His weird fascination with eating dirt. And finally, his love of playing out in the backyard mud after a rainstorm, then racing back inside to get dry and warm and track mud everywhere! So I think it’s time to invest in a Mudbuster. This plastic tube is filled with silicone scrubbing fingers that easily work the mud off your dog’s paws with the help of a little bit of water, and a twist. It looks a whole lot easier (and more effective) than wrestling your pup onto his back and grabbing-and-dabbing at his paws with paper towels (don’t ask me how I know).

Clever Alternative: This massaging pet shampoo brush.

Rarely does a beauty mask catch my eye quite like this Disco Kitten peel-off mask. The bright, silver, glittering mask is packed with clarifying extracts and exfoliating gem powder (including, we’re told, diamond powder), but to be honest, I’m most captivated by the photos of the peeling-off itself. It looks so satisfying!

Clever Alternative:This cult-favorite mud mask as an earthy counterpoint.

I love my SUV, but I do not love the massive blind spots it creates. These simple little mirrors promise to fix that! They’re easy to install – just attach them with the included adhesive to your existing mirrors, and now you can back out of parking spots with abandon… or at least, a little less terrified caution.

Clever Alternative: This variety pack of cleaning wipes for every surface in your car.

Here’s a pro-tip for ice-coffee lovers out there: try using frozen coffee cubes instead of regular ice cubes for maximum coffee flavor (and, of course, caffeine). These Fred COOL BEANS ice trays are designed for ice-coffee lovers, and create ice cubes the shape of massive coffee beans (the photos on site are pretty great). Do I need a dedicated iced-coffee ice cube tray? No. But I want one!

Clever Alternative: These reusable plastic ice cubes won’t dilute your drink.

I’ve been working on developing my green thumb for over a year now, and I’m getting pretty good! I think these Hello Garden Markers would make such a cute addition to my ‘crops’. You get 12 name tags per package, and they’re constructed from a durable, weatherproof plastic for repeat usage.

Clever Alternative: These smaller garden markers for your tinier crops.

I love the look of this simple, elegant tray. Not only can it hold your phone, but it’s also got spots for jewelry, keys, or whatever little items you’ll want to keep arranged on your countertop. I’d love to have one of these in our bathroom to hold my phone so I can watch a show while doing my makeup (y’know… when I actually do my makeup).

Clever Alternative: This similarly minimalist toothbrush holder.

I keep seeing Sugru all over the internet, and I’m hooked. It’s a moldable form of rubber with which you can, seemingly, fix anything! Shredded charging cable? Make a new protective sheath from Sugru. Got a leaky tap? Make a seal with Sugru. People are even making their own cable-clips from the stuff. It’s available in all kinds of colors, and is compatible with wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and metal (and probably a whole lot more).

Clever Alternative: This special Sugru Tech Kit to fix your electronics.

These days, I do all I can to keep my self – and my purse – from touching any pretty much any surface outside of my house. That’s why this Clipa2 bag hanger looks so genius to me. You just keep it clipped on your purse strap, and whenever you need to set your purse down, it opens up to keep your purse hanging in the (much-less-germ-ridden) air. It comes in five different finishes to compliment whatever bag you’re using.

Clever Alternative: The incredibly versatile HeroClip.

I had never heart of caffeinated mints until I came across these puppies, and now my curiosity is more than piqued. Two mints contain as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, and the company promises you’ll experience a boost of energy up to 5x as fast as you would from caffeinated drinks. Along with the caffeine boost, you’ll get some nice fresh breath and a B Vitamin complex. I can’t wait to try these.

Clever Alternative: This caffeinated gum is also quite tempting.

A friend of mine swears by these inexpensive roll-up flats, and I can see why. They’re incredible lightweight, minimalist-yet-cute, and they roll up into a tiny carrying pouch that fits right in your purse! As of this writing, they’re available in more than 40 colors, including a few very lovely, very sparkly options.

Clever Alternative: These equally cute foldable flats.

Yes, this acupressure hand-and-foot massage ball looks like something out of the Hellraiser movies, but I’m dying to try it. I’ve always dealt with annoying cramps in my hands (the result of typing, constantly), and could see this spiky ball providing some much-needed relief as I sit at my desk.

Clever Alternative: This acupressure roller looks even more intense.

I’ve seen those palm-mounted silicone shampoo brushes all over the place, so when I saw this shampoo brush with a handle, I got curious. I could see the handle helping add more leverage to the scalp-massaging, while also allowing for a more traditional combing experience. And to be honest, I could also see myself using this thing on our dog, who freaks out when we use any firm-bristled brush in the bath.

Clever Alternative: These chunky silicone sponges with all kinds of scrubbing surfaces.

I’m not the world’s biggest trend-follower, but I can’t help but be captivated by the so-called Amazon Coat. This parka went viral in the last year or so, with social media influencers snatching it up and promoting it everywhere. And you know what? It worked on me. I want the Amazon Coat, preferably in red.

Clever Alternative: This lighter coat by the same designer.

I will put this as obliquely as I can: we are not the world’s least forgetful family. I welcome any invention that can keep me from having to run back inside to grab my phone, or my keys, or my husband’s wallet, half the time we try to leave the house. This simple door knob organizer may be that invention. It’s a simple device that mounts on your doorknob, holding your phone, keys, masks, whatever, in its three pockets and front clip.

Clever Alternative: This odd-but-awesome magnetic key holder.

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