55 Inexpensive Products With Fantastic Results

Specialty oven gloves, squeezable cake decorators and an amazing mascara
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I Want This reveals the best, cutest, weirdest, and most “want-able” products we’re adding to our cart. 

I spend a lot of time browsing the internet for amazing finds, and there’s no better feeling than coming across the “perfect” product – a high-impact mix of ingenuity, quality, price and effectiveness. (Some killer reviews and before-and-after shots never hurt, either). So here’s 55 of my all-time best bang-for-your-buck finds. From gross-yet-amazing beauty and hygiene to clever new inventions to some surprisingly cute clothing finds, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few things that you’ll be adding to your own “Yuuup I want that!” list.

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This Little Gadget Will Keep Me Hydrated

It’s called the Ulla, and it’s basically a blinking reminder about your dehydration. It fits over any water bottle (no need to buy a whole new expensive reminder-bottle), and blinks at intervals to remind you to hydrate. Smart detectors keep track of your drinking behavior, and if you skip an hour, you’ll get an attention-grabbing blink to remind you it’s time to drink up. I like that you can use the Ulla with any water bottle, and you don’t have to worry about charging the thing constantly — it’ll last 6 months on a single battery.

Clever Alternative: This glowing bottle that reminds you to drink.

This Zombie Mask Kit is Fascinating

Like any normal human, I love a good peel-off mask. But the effects of this Zombie Mask upon application are crazy – they don’t call it the Zombie Mask for nothing! The 8-in-1 mask uses Albumin (an egg extract) to immediately tighten and lift skin, while a blend of aloe, lavender and panthenol help to hydrate skin, clear breakouts, and tighten oversized pores. The before-and-after shots have to be seen to be believed, and it looks like quite an experience!

Clever Alternative: This popular face mask with sprinkles.

These Tiny Sheets Solve a Seriously Annoying Problem

These simple sheets solve a serious sleep problem for so many people: annoyingly, unnecessarily bright LED lights. These Dim-Its cling right to the offending device – be it an alarm clock, TV, or cable box – instantly dimming the brightness, while maintaining visibility. Definitely one of those “how didn’t I think of this?” inventions!

Clever Alternative: This multi-pack will cover every annoying light in your home.

These Drain Snakes Are a Must-Have

Anyone who’s dealt with a seriously clogged shower knows just how disgustingly effective these drain snake can be. We’ve used similar models to pull some truly terrifying things out of our pipes! This 3-pack is cheap enough to impulse-buy, and guarantees you’ll never get caught empty-handed when that shower water starts to rise above your ankles.

Clever Alternative: This 5-pack with an additional drain auger.

I Really Want to Try One of These Pet Hair Gloves

Our little old man HATES when we use wire brushes on his coat, but it’s the only real way to make sure we’re minimizing the truly insane shedding he does all year round. I’d love to give one of these pet hair grooming gloves a shot at that coat. He’d probably enjoy the feeling of softer, duller plastic brushing, while I’m sure I’d get a sick thrill out of peeling mats of his hair off of the thing.

Clever Alternative: This ChomChom pet hair roller everyone’s talking about.

My Silverware Needs This Elegant Storage Solution

Our silverware drawer is filled with an unnecessarily large bamboo flatware organizer – a definite waste of valuable storage space. That’s why I love the look of this Joseph Joseph drawerstore. It organizes silverware at an angle, allowing you to store your entire collection of flatware in barely 4 inches of drawer space. It’s one of the top-sellers in its category (not hard to see why), and costs less than half of what our bamboo solution did.

Clever Alternative: This double-width DrawerStore for larger collections.

This Rejuvenating Eye Serum Is Coming For You, Dark Circles

I haven’t reached full eye-bag territory yet, but I’m smack-dab in the middle of dark-circle-ville. I get as much sleep as any parent of a preschooler can, but no matter what I do, these raccoon eyes persist. This popular eye serum promises to change all that. The serum promises to minimize dark circle, smooth fine lines and de-puff your undereye bags – some pretty big promises. But, if the before-and-after customer photos are any indication, it’s can effect some pretty serious changes.

Clever Alternative: This wrinkle-smoothing retinol cream from the same maker.

This Glow-in-the-Dark Blanket is Perfect for Kiddos

Our daughter loves nightlights of any kind. Her alarm clock is a nightlight. That large blue ball on her dresser? A nightlight too. So I know she’d flip for this glow-in-the-dark blanket. It’s big enough to cover her bed (50″ by 60″), and is available in a few different glowing patterns: stars, dinosaurs, unicorns and Halloween creatures. (I know she’d go for the dinos.) It takes as little as 20 minutes of light during the day to charge the blanket for an entire glow-filled night.

Clever Alternative: An affordable weighted blanket for yourself.

These Mid-Rise Jean Shorts are the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

It’s not always ease to find a jean short that doesn’t say, “Hey, I’m a mom and I give up”, or “Hey world, check out every nook and cranny over here!” But these mid-rise shorts thread the needle for me. Their straightforward color means they’d pair with pretty much anything, while the style reminds me of Madewell, but at a much friendlier price point.

Clever Alternative: These cult-favorite yoga shorts for denim-free days.

This Gel Seat Cushion Reviewers Are Obsessed With

I’ve been using the same Ikea office chair for years now, and while it started off plenty comfortable, it’s showing its age – and so am I, judging by the discomfort it’s causing my rear end. This gel-enhanced memory foam cushion may be just the thing to breathe new life into my chair, and my behind! There are an incredible number of glowing reviews for this thing, replete with photos and loving testimonials to its butt-restorative powers.

Clever Alternative: One of these back stretchers people are obsessed with.

These Sticky Notes That are Also Tab Dividers

There’s something that draws me in about these Redi-Tag divider sticky notes, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. They make me feel like I could use them to give so much order and coherence to everything – from my planner to my journal to my favorite books to our family cookbook. They’re a generous 4″ by 6″ size, allowing plenty of room for copious note-taking, and like their little Post-it Note brethren, are pretty much infinitely repositionable,

Clever Alternative: These dry-erase sticky notes.

This One-and-Done T-Shirt Dress

I love this soft, casual t-shirt dress. To me, it says: Yeah, I tried hard enough to put on a dress, but no, I’m not playing dress-up today. It’d go amazingly well with some leather sandals or even sneakers, and maybe a long necklace to “up” the look. Also, those rouched sides mean everyone’s waist is gonna look great in this thing.

Clever Alternative: This irresistably simple long-sleeved t-shirt dress.

Am I the One Person on Earth Who Hasn’t Done a Foot Peel?

I’ve seen the videos, I’ve read the testimonials, and I’ve heard the raves of friends, but I still have not taken the foot-peel plunge. And when I do, this three-pack of foot peel masks will be my ticket to skin-picking heaven. If you’re at all peel-curious, I highly suggest poring through the reviews, where happily peeled people share their stories and photos you’ll barely believe.

Clever Alternative: These hand peel masks.

This PopWallet is a Dream Come True

I’m an avowed fan of the original PopSocket, but never loved the fact that it kept me from using any kind of wallet-case or card-holder on my phone. Well, I don’t have to worry about that any longer! The PopWallet adds a removable wallet and PopSocket to the back of your phone. The PopWallet is easily removable for wireless charging, and can hold up to 3 credit cards.

Clever Alternative: These adapters that turn your Popsocket into a car mount for your phone.

This Wireless Camera That Removes Ear Wax

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a bit of a peeler, popper, and picker, so needless to say this wireless earwax-removing camera caught my eye. It hooks up to your smartphone over wifi, allowing you to chart your ear-spelunking adventures in 1080p high definition while you use the attached scoop to remove whatever buildup is hiding in your ear canals. Reviewers are universally impressed with the quality of the image, and share some impressive images of their own “extractions”.

Clever Alternative: These insanely popular earwax removal drops to soften things up.

These Extra-Long Oven Gloves Provide So Much Protection

This is one of those takes on an existing invention that makes you go: “Yeah, why aren’t they all this way?” These extra-long oven gloves are constructed of 3 layers of synthetic Kevlar, providing heat resistance up to 932 degrees F – all while giving you total heat protection all the way up your forearms! Silicone polka-dots provide extra grip, while the glove form-factor means you can hold even the hottest, heaviest dishes with confidence.

Clever Alternative: These infernal-looking grilling gloves.

These Quick-Dry Running Shorts Look Perfect

I love how these shorts combine the athletic cut of running shorts with a more casual look suitable for daily wear. The thick, high waistband paired with the slit in the sides will make anyone’s legs look long, and built-in compression underwear will keep everything in shape. Oh, and there’s a POCKET, so you can actually USE them for normal daily life!

Clever Alternative: These vintage-inspired shorts available in more than 35 colors.

This Little Gadget Could Make Summers So Much Better

Ah, summertime in our household: long, warm nights, grilling in the backyard, chasing fireflies, and contending with dozens of red, itchy mosquito bites that neither myself nor my daughter can keep from scratching. That’s why we need the Bug Bite Thing. You place this simple gadget over the bite and pull, sucking out the venom that causes itchy, painful reactions to mosquito, fly, and no-see-um-bites, and bee and wasp stings. The Bug Bite Thing is washable, eternally reusable, and 100% backed by the inventor and manufacturer (a Mom herself).

Clever Alternative: This itch-relief balm that looks like chapstick.

This Cleaning Slime Looks So Fun to Use

This cleaning gel is primarily marketed as a car-cleaner, but can be used to clean pretty much anything – from dusty car vents to crumb-laden keyboards. Honestly, I just think it looks ridiculously fun and weird to use, so I’m in for a pack!

Clever Alternative: This Pink Stuff miracle cleaning paste users are obsessed with.

These Popular Heel Socks Heal Heals While You Sleep

These simple socks put powerful moisturizing gel right where we all need it: directly on chapped, cracked, dear-lord-what-happened-to-me heels. If the before-and-after shots are to be believed (and there’s a lot of them), they make a marked difference in just a few days. I’d do what a lot of users did, and pair them with a particular effective foot balm to maximize the moisturizing.

Clever Alternative: Like this cult-favorite O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet.

This Skin Tag Remover Could Solve Some of My Little Big Problems

Anyone who’s had skin tags knows how annoying and unsightly they can be. But unless they get particular egregious, I’m not really willing to schlep down to the dermatologist to pay to get them removed. And I must not be the only one who feels this way, judging by how popular this skin tag remover is! This mysterious device removes skin tags by closing off the tag’s blood supply with a tiny, strong rubber band. Within days (according to before-and-after user photos), the tag dies and falls right off. Man, how great that must feel…

Clever Alternative: B08TCFWWQ4 These skin tag removing patches.

This Waterproof Phone Case Will Make My Shower TV-Watching Dreams Come True

Yes, most people buy these waterproof phone cases to use them for scuba diving, skiing, white-water rafting, or something else wet and exciting. But you know why I desperately want these? I want to watch my shows in the shower. And I’m not ashamed to say it.

Clever Alternative: These cupholders for your shower.

This Auto Shut Off Outlet Is So Clever

How many of you have you left your curling iron on for the entire day? Or your hot glue gun? It’s hard for me to raise my hand and type at the same time, but… guilty. This unglamorous-yet-genius auto shut-off outlet solves that potentially dangerous problem. You set it to operate for a specific period of time (15 minutes to 6 hours), after which it cuts power. Think of it like a sleep-timer for your iron. It’s a simple solution to a common yet dangerous problem, at a surprisingly low price point.

Clever Alternative: This heat-proof holster for your hot hair tools.

This Tonsil Stone Remover Terrifies and Fascinates Me

As far as I know I’m not a tonsil stone sufferer, but after poring over the before-and-afters for this tonsil stone remover, I’m not so sure. This kit has everything you need to probe your throat for those pesky, odorous little white balls of nastiness. The handle shines bright, LED light through the various attachments to guide your way towards tonsil stone dislodgement.

Clever Alternative: This wireless camera that removes your earwax.

There Must Be Something Special About This Bargain-Priced Mascara

Sometimes mascara is the only makeup I have time for, and I’m thinking it’s time to add this Lash Princess to my arsenal. The before-and-after pictures are insanely convincing, basically adding lashes where there were none before (hence the “False Effect Mascara” name, I guess!) According to multiple customers, this stuff doesn’t even run after a heavy workout at the gym!

Clever Alternative: This primer that promises to boost your lash volume.

This Pumice-on-a-Stick Removes All Kinds of Stains

There are few things more satisfying than an incredible before-and-after cleaning picture, and this Powerhouse Pumice scrubbing stone’s got dozens. This rock-on-a-stick promises to remove rust deposit, calcium, hard water scale, grime, gunk, and whatever else normal cleaning tools can’t, without scratching or otherwise damaging your ceramic surfaces. The long plastic handle keeps your hands out of stain’s way, while the included case keeps your pumice hygienically stored.

Clever Alternative: This set of drill-mounted brushes for all other scrubbing applications.

This Minuscule Spatula Could Save Me Big Bucks

Make-up isn’t cheap, and whoever invented this genius little spatula obviously understood that. This tiny scraper is designed to fit into the smallest cosmetic bottles, helping to get every last drop of that pricey stuff out of the bottle and onto your face. And it’ll pay for itself in just a few uses!

Clever Alternative: This combo-pack with an even tinier lip spatula.

This Two-Pack of Gel Pillows With a Die-Hard Fan Base

I’ll admit it: I’m a huge pillow snob. Hey, if your’e spending a third of your life sleeping on the thing, why not invest in a good one? But I’m facing the sad reality that my current $70 is on its last legs, and this set of two down-alternative, gel-fiber pillows has got me wondering: just how expensive does a pillow have to be? In this case, less than 1/4th the cost of my current favorite. These pillows feature Egyptian cotton covers, filled with imported German gel fiber filling for a luxurious, hotel-worthy feel. Worse case scenario, I pass them off to my husband, who I’m fairly sure could sleep on a pillowcase full of gravel and not even notice.

Clever Alternative: These equally luxurious hotel pillow sets.

This Callus-Shaver Is Terrifying and Tempting

These callus shavers are sometimes known as “Corn Planes” (gross, I know!), but they’re one of the more effective ways to remove calluses on your hands and feet. This set comes with 10 specially-designed blades to provide clean and safe callus removal for the foreseeable future.

Clever Alternative: This callus remover keychain.

This Pocket-Sized Fan Would Keep Me Cool Anywhere

These little portable fans are specially-designed for drying eyelash extensions, but users swear by them for sweet, cooling relief anytime and anywhere. The fan features a removable sponge you can wet and freeze, basically turning this inexpensive gadget into a pocket-sized air conditioner.

Clever Alternative: These neck-mounted fans.

This Blemish Tool Kit Will Help My Manage Blemishes the Right Way

Like any normal human, I tend to pick-and-push at blemishes when I should probably leave them alone. This bargain-priced tool kit may not keep me from leaving well-enough alone, but at least I’d be addressing things the right way! This kit includes four tools with eight different heads to safely attack blackheads, pimples, and whatever dermal surprises your face decides to throw your way.

Clever Alternative: This ultra-sonic pore scrubber.

These Pull-On Linen Shorts Are Just Plain Easy

These pull-on shorts look magically easy, and may very well be the answer to every one of my t-shirts and button-downs. The chambray linen is lighter and softer than denim, making them less constrictive and more comfortable for lounging. The assortment of colors gives serious J Crew vibes at an Amazon price point.

Clever Alternative: These cute, high-waisted linen shorts.

This Pan and Pot Organizer Would Add Sanity to Our Cabinets

If you saw my cabinets, you’d tell me to buy three of these things immediately! This top-selling pan and pot organizer keeps your cookware stacked in a sane, easy-to-access, clang-and-bang free formation. Just imagining reaching into our cookware cabinet and grabbing a pan right away, without unstacking three others from it makes me want to hit Add-to-Cart right now.

Clever Alternative: This lid organizer adds similarly sane storage for your food containers.

This Stylish Planter Waters Your Plants For You

I love the sleek simplicity of this window-box-style planter, but the real appeal is the fact that it’ll water my plants FOR me, for up to a week. You just add a week’s worth of water into the planter’s reservoir, and the planter’s indicator will tell you when you need to add more. It even comes with 4 packs of coconut coir soil to get you started.

Clever Alternative: This collection of herb seeds for your first planting.

These Cult-Favorite Pimple Patches Could Save Me From Myself

These small-but-mighty pimple patches promise to flatten zits in as little as 6 hours by drinking up the oil, pus, and gunk within the blemish. And judging by the host of reviewer before-and-after photos, they really work! Plus, they’re thin and nearly transparent, so you could wear them out-and-about while fighting off that next big whopper.

Clever Alternative: These larger pimple patches for bigger breakouts.

This Garbage Can for Your Car Makes So Much Sense

Try as I might to keep our cars clean, eventually the trash always wins, finding last-minute hiding places in center consoles, cupholders, and those storage-cubbies on the doors. That’s what makes this StashAway car trash can so tempting! It straps to your center console or hangs from your headrest, giving you a dedicated, semi-sealed destination for all of your refuse. The StashAway’s vinyl lining provides leak-proof protection, while three outside pockets provide additional storage for those travel must-haves.

Clever Alternative: This fun-to-use cleaning slime that’ll grab every spec of dust off every surface in your car.

These Are The Perfect Leggings

I’ve heard about Ododos yoga leggings for months, so I couldn’t help but wonder: what makes them THAT good? According to incredibly enthusiastic reviewers, a bunch of things. They’re comfy. They come with pockets – big pockets! They’re flattering in all the right ways and places, and pass the see-through test. Add in a wide selection of sizes, a huge selection of colors, and a budget-friendly price tag, and the hysteria’s all starting to make sense.

Clever Alternative: The same leggings in capri form.

This Handbag Gives Kate Spade Looks at a Fraction of the Price

The true magic of the right-sized cross-body bag cannot be overstated, and this one’s pitch perfect. It’s the right size to fit all the essentials – phone, wallet, keys – plus some room for extras. The external zipper means easy access to your phone, and I love the pairing of gold hardware with the heather blue pleather. The color selection alone may give make it hard to pick just one, but at this price point, you may not have to.

Clever Alternative: This cross-body shoulder bag with a more rugged look (and lots of pockets!)

This Silicone Ring Keeps Your Nail Polish on Hand

The Tweexy is one of those simple little inventions that just makes so much sense. You just put wear the Tweexy over two of your fingers, stuff any (and it’ll fit any) bottle of nail polish into it, and get started. Anyone who’s dribbled nail polish across the vanity (or their sweatpants – it’s still there to this day) can understand just how convenient that would be!

Clever Alternative: The most popular UV Lamp for curing gel manicures.

These Silicone Bulbs Could Turn Me Into a Master Baker

I like to imagine that, given only the right set of tools, I could achieve incredible things in the kitchen. And I believe this set of frosting bulbs may fall into that category. Each set comes with two squishy, silicone frosting bulbs and 6 steel piping tips: closed star, French tip, leaf, basket, small circle and large circle. Users tout their superiority over frosting bags — both in effectiveness, and in cleanliness.

Clever Alternative: This cake-decorating pen looks fascinating.

This Innovative Ice Maker Has Got Me So Curious

It’s called the Icebreaker Pop , and it looks like a great solution to taking ice on the go. You fill up the Icebreaker, freeze it, then pull it apart to release 18 large ice cubes. The best part? The Icebreaker functions as an ice cube storage compartment and dispenser, making it perfect for picnics and road trips. Plus, it just looks really satisfying to use!

Clever Alternative: These very interesting circular ice trays.

These No-Tie Shoelaces Make Every Shoe a Slip-on

I won’t lie: I’m one of those people who ties their shoes once, then finds a way to jam my foot back into the shoe every wearing thereafter. It’s a bad (lazy) habit that these elastic Lock Laces could turn into a good habit! These wildly popular no-tie laces turn any regular shoe into a comfortable, supportive slip-on in just a few minutes. Users swear by their comfort, ease, and durability, and the manufacturer guarantees they’ll last at least the life of one pair of tennis shoes.

Clever Alternative: This multi-colored 3-pack.

These Unbreakable Wine Glasses Are Meant For Me

There are few things more relaxing than enjoying a glass of wine on a warm evening in the backyard with my husband…until, of course, my clumsy self drops a wine glass on the patio and it shatters, everywhere. These gorgeous silicone wine glasses were designed with people like me in mind. The company Silipint got started selling silicone pint glasses, and specialize in bold, colorful, thicker-than-the-competition silicone drinkware. These wine tumblers are basically an unbreakable adult sippy cup, replete with sippy tops and straws. Now, just to wait until summer comes along…

Clever Alternative: A set of those SiliPints I just mentioned.

This Rechargeable Fabric Shaver Will Save Our Sweaters (and Coats, and Couch, and…)

We have a closet full of well-loved, extremely pilled sweaters that are just begging for this fabric shaver. You just charge it up via a laptop or USB charger (2 hours gets you 60 minutes of use), and run it over whatever needs fixing – sweaters, coats, even upholstery – watching as your old favorites get a pill-free facelift. You’ll only need to stop after you fill up the lint storage chamber, but emptying that’s half the fun anyway.

Clever Alternative: This manual fuzz remover takes care of pills and lint.

These Legendary Moth Traps are Gross and Effective

If you’ve ever dealt with pantry moths, you know just how disgusting and invasive the experience can be. The little buggers find a way to get into EVERYTHING, forcing you to throw out what was once perfectly good food. Fortunately, there’s a variety of traps on the market, and Dr. Killigan’s may be the best (at least judging by the user photos!). They use pheromones specific to pantry moths, drawing them into the trap where the sticky interior captures them forever. And they even come in a subtle patterned design that won’t draw unwanted attention to the cardboard kill-tents you’ve got stationed around your pantry.

Clever Alternative: Dr. Killigan’s pantry moth traps.

These Popular Gummies Help You Sleep Better

I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep (novel problem, right?), and these melatonin gummies seem like the perfect solution to help calm my mind come bedtime. They’re designed to boost your natural sleep hormone (melatonin) with L-Theanine, chamomile and lemon balm. I have no idea what L-Theanine is, but according to users, they really do work. And who doesn’t enjoy a gummy supplement anyhow?

Clever Alternative: These delicious-looking gummy multivitamins.

I Love The Look of these Jewel-Toned Knives

Any set of knives at this price point won’t stand up to a $400 set of Wusthofs, but judging by the almost-perfect user reviews, they sure won’t disappoint! You get a set of six ceramic-coated stainless steel knives with covers (perfect for safe drawer storage): a chef’s knife, a slicing knife, a Santoku knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. They’re backed by Cuisinart’s lifetime warranty, and, let’s be honest — they just look really good. six ceramic-coated stainless steel knives cutting board mats with covers (perfect for safe drawer storage): a chef’s knife, a slicing knife, a Santoku knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. They’re backed by Cuisinart’s lifetime warranty, and, let’s be honest — they just look really good.

Clever Alternative: These thin, colorful cutting board mats.

These Resistance Bars Keep Wrist Pain at Bay

Anyone who spends hours a day at a keyboard knows just how taxing it can be on your wrists and forearms. These resistance bars are a great way to maintain strength and flexibility, while also keeping issues like Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel in check. They’re available in resistances from 5 lbs. to 25 lbs., so you can pick which bar will suit your needs.

Clever Alternative: This set of therapy putties makes a great fidget toy.

This Crazily Popular Magnetic Phone Mount

My current phone mount is a bit of a plastic monstrosity, and the fact that it’s suction-cup attachment to my dashboard can’t bear up to bumps or heat, means I’ve got a large iPhone collapsing onto my lap on a pretty regular basis. This ultra-small magnetic phone mount would do away with all of that. It attaches to any car’s air vent, and uses rare earth magnets to hold your phone in place. All you need to add to your phone is a paper-thin magnetic sticker to make it work.

Clever Alternative: This two-pack will set you both up.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses Look Good Enough to Wear All Day

Blue light blocking glasses are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen, and this pair may be one of the best-looking options on the market. They’re available in single and two-packs, with colors ranging from tortoiseshell to classic black to translucent blue to clear, and at a price point that’ll have you saying, “I’ll take three, please.”

Clever Alternative: These eye drops that promise relief from “computer eye.”

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