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If you had told me ten years ago that I would someday own a zester, I would have asked you, “What is a zester?” Now this formerly foreign tool is one of the most-used items in my kitchen.

Sure, I can make an edible meal for my family, but I’m no Ina Garten. Actually, a friend introduced me to this clever tool as he used it to put the finishing touches on the restaurant-quality dinner that he’d “just whipped up.” He took out a lemon and started scraping it over an object I’d never seen before. “What is that?” I asked. He looked at me blankly and replied, “a zester.”

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The Thing I Didn’t Know I Needed

So, when I finally started meal planning last year, and one of the recipes called for lemon zest, I knew just what to do. I got out my big bulky cheese grater and tried to rub a lemon over it. The result: lemon juice in my eye and very little zest.


After making that recipe eight more times with stinging eyes, I finally decided to spring for a zester.

The Microplane – Best of the Zest

I believe that kitchen tools aren’t worth buying unless they’re going to last. I cook every day, so I need reliable implements that get the job done. And after spending a regrettable amount of time poring over the internet for the best of the zest, I found the Microplane.

Not only was the Microplane recommended by professional chefs, it was also endorsed by thousands of happy Amazon customers. I bought it.

Features I Fell For

Here are a few more things to love about the Microplane:

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable handle
  • Replaceable blades (this is key)

Now I use this tool every day, not only for zesting, but for grating as well. I love to keep a big hunk of parmesan in the fridge to zest on top of pasta dishes. Meals just seem more fancy-fun when I arrive at the table to zest a little something over it.

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