My Favorite Slippers: The Baffin Cush Booty

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As a chronic cold feet sufferer, the hunt for the perfect pair of slippers has been a years-long journey. And though I am committed to keeping our hardwood floors clean by maintaining a no-shoe household, when winter descends the assault on my poor tootsies is almost too much to bear. So, when the perfect slipper solution popped into my head, I quickly popped them into my cart!

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A Slippery Start: Swayed by Suede Slippers

Suede Slipper
suede slipper | Everything Clever

I started with the best of intentions. When I bought my first pair of “real” slippers, I was certain that they would be the last pair I’d ever need, so I splurged a little and bought a pair of suede Deerfoam slide-on slippers with furry insides. I committed to wearing only those for the rest of my life. That commitment was brief.

The slippers looked great. They were easy to put on. But with my heels and ankles exposed, my feet were still cold! The hard soles also gathered gunk, and I could be heard clip clopping around our house from a mile away. The suede was also impossible to wash, so when my daughter finally dropped spaghetti on them, it was over.

More Missteps: Cheap Slippers Slip-ups

cheap slipperr
cheap slipper | Everything Clever

I attempted to learn from my slipper-buying missteps. “No more expensive slippers for me!” I thought. I wanted cheap slippers that could be tossed out if necessary. I bought a pair at the dollar store, plus a few extra for when that pair wore out. Well, they did wear out – quickly.

Worse, they also failed as slippers in so many other ways. They left my feet cold, and the cheap cushion bottom quickly compressed so that I felt like I was walking on the hard floor within a week.

Worn Down: Fluffy Slipper Fail

fuzzy slipper
fuzzy slipper| Everything Clever

I tried again. This time I bought a mid-priced, leather-soled, fluffy slipper that went up to my ankles. But after a week of wearing them in my house, they were so covered in dog fur and stray hairs that I was too ashamed to wear them anymore. I was ready to give up. Cold feet, I thought, will simply be a fact of life.

Baffin Cush Booty: A Ballet Dancer Answer

Baffin Cush Booties
Baffin Slippers – Photo by Everything Clever

I could have never imagined that I’d find the solution to my dilemma at my niece’s ballet recital. When the performance ended, and all of the little dancers streamed out of the back door, half of them were wearing an incredible yet familiar slipper – Baffin Cush Booties. I immediately flashed back to my time as a young dancer and remembered that I religiously kept my feet warm and ready to dance by wearing these hilarious-looking puffy foot bags.

I didn’t wait until I got home to add them to my cart.

Features I Fell For

Here are a few more things to love about Baffin Cush Booties:

  • Tall top warms all the way up to the ankle
  • Drawstring to cinch and keep the heat in
  • Puffy and cushiony for walking and comfy enough to sleep in
  • Printed tread for anti-slip (though does wear away)
  • Interior fabric is soft without being sweaty
  • Machine-washable
  • Compact and perfect for flying and travel
  • No hard bottoms  to muck up your sofa and collect gunk

Now my feet are nearly never bare. The instant I walk in the door, I slip on these bad boys and it is oh so good. I am wearing them as I write this. My feet are warm and happy, so I am happy, too.


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