My Favorite Bathroom Gadget: The Tubshroom

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There are glamorous inventions – the smartphone, for example – that are renowned for the new things they allow you to do.

I’m not here to talk about that type of invention. I’m here to sing the praises of one of those humble inventions which labor in obscurity, saving us all from the things we never want to do again.

 It’s called the Tubshroom, and it’s about to be your next best purchase ever. 

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A Hairy Situation

We live in a 1920s bungalow, which, while it’s bursting with charm, is not bursting with bathrooms. A hirsute husband, a long-haired wife, a long-haired daughter, and a dog that sheds more during a bath than any other canine on earth, all sharing the same ancient clawfoot tub/shower — that’s a recipe for hair clogs.

Of course, we took precautions to prevent them, using one of those inexpensive, omnipresent rubber pancakes-with-holes that are supposed to cover the drain and catch hair, but still, the hair found a way, and I continued to hone my expertise with cheap, plastic drain snakes. 

It didn’t take pulling many of those gag-worthy Medusa-coils of old, decaying hair and soap scum up to realize we needed to find another answer.

The Answer: Tubshroom

The Tubshroom’s not much to look at. In fact, the first time I saw it I thought it was wildly overpriced for what it is. But the fact is, genius costs money, and this thing is genius.

How Does it Work?

You insert the Tubshroom into your drain (bear in mind, this won’t work with drains with incorporated stoppers), proceed to live your life as normal, and let the Tubshroom collect every last bit of hair your entire family sheds – and it will do that.

Every so often (depending, of course, on your family shed rate), you just pop out the Tubshroom, wipe off the hair, and plug it back in. Is it gross? Sometimes. But it’s always satisfying, and it’s a lot friendlier on the eyes and nose than what you’ll be snaking out of the drain without one.

You've Got Choices

The Shroom Company has expanded its offerings to include the classic Tubshroom, the SinkShroom, the ShowerShroom, the Kitchen SinkShroom, and even the ToiletShroom (a particularly interesting take on the plunger). 


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