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Pop quiz: what’s the most important piece of technology you use every day? Most of us would say it’s our phone, but it’s not. Without this simple piece of tech, your phone is a few hours of use away from becoming a powerless, dark-screened brick.

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I’m talking, of course, about your charging cable. And in this case, specifically your Apple lightning cable.

To say I’ve had a love/hate affair with Apple’s lightning cables would be an understatement. I’ve somehow chewed through more white lighting cables in the past five years than I have chewing gum (and I love chewing gum). 

It all starts so innocent: a pure, white cable, perhaps packaged with a set of AirPods, catches my eye. I snatch it, hoard it greedily, use it daily until – maybe weeks, maybe months later, it inevitably dies, almost always separating at the juncture of the lighting connector and the cable, a sad mess of insulation wire and failure. 

But, I’m here to say that there is a happy ending to this story. And its name is the Anker 6ft Premium Nylon Lightning Cable (2-Pack). 

Source: Amazon

I can proudly report that this 2-pack of tough-as-nails lightning cables has weathered – nay, thrived – under my less-than-caring care, living up to the manufacturer’s promise that the cables will last 5X longer than ‘normal’ (mortal) cables. I’ve yet to even put a scratch onto either in more than 8 months of use. 

A fistful of power (cable).       (Credit: EverythingClever)

Simply put, these cables are a pleasure to use. They’re heavy – you can feel the quality of the nylon sheathing, the thickness of the cable itself – and the connector always enters the phone with a satisfying, light, “thwick!” They’re also six feet long, allowing me plenty of leeway when browsing-and-charging on the couch.

Best of all, they’re rigidly reinforced at the most vulnerable points: the junction of the lighting connector and the cable, and the USB connector and the cable. No breakages. No mess of grounding wires. No hold-it-at-this-angle-or-the-charge-will-drop.

They just work. Every time. They don’t wear out. And, if they somehow do, Anker even offers a lifetime warranty. 

You can find these immortal lightning cables on Amazon in 2-packs of 6 feet cables., and 2-packs of 3.3 feet cables.

Find the Anker Premium Nylon Lightning Cable on Amazon

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