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I love my daughter’s beautiful curly hair. What I don’t love is combing it.

When she sees me with a comb, she runs in the other direction. And when she finally agrees to sit still long enough for me to comb it, it’s a race against the clock as I struggle to detangle it while she protests.

I tried every type of comb imaginable, including many that claimed to be made for curly hair. But the results were always the same – they’d leave her hair more knotted than before I combed it. On one desperate occasion, I even followed the misguided advice of a friend who told me not to comb it at all. The result; one incredibly large knot and one angry preschooler.

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So, when my own hairdresser whipped out this special brush to deftly comb through my tightly wound locks, I took notice. I bought the brush from her and approached my daughter’s hair with renewed hope. The brush did not disappoint.

I’d wet her hair and the comb would magically transform tangles into perfect into perfect little ringlets. It was a miracle. I’d figured out how to comb her hair painlessly and with consistently marvelous results. Then I lost the brush.

Bass Curly Hair Brush
Bass Brushes Palm Style Shampoo Pet Brush with Nylon Pins | Everything Clever

I tore the house apart looking under cushions and in closets. But there was nothing. I tried to buy the brush again from the hairstylist, but she’d stopped selling them. Finally, I turned to Amazon and, on a whim, I searched “beard brush.” There it was the Bass brush I’d been hunting for. I promptly bought multiple.

Apparently, the brush is more popularly used as beard brush, pet brush and shampoo brush (hence the name), but what it can do for curly hair is nothing short of extraordinary.

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