My Favorite Nail Clippers: Harperton’s

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Are you human? Because if you are, chances are there are some things you’ll need to do for the rest of your life; eating, sleeping, wiping your butt and, oh, yeah, clipping your nails. So you’ll need nail clippers.

Scratch that: you’ll need these nail clippers.

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What makes them so great? Made of razor-sharp stainless steel, The Harperton Nail and Toenail Clipper consistently delivers the cleanest cut you’ve ever seen year after year, clip after clip. Never in the history of man has a simple lever device been leveraged towards such stunning results, all for a relatively humble price at the time of this (fevered) typing.

How do you know? I’ve owned this set for over three years, and they cut as sharp and crisp as the day they were delivered into my eager hands.

Edges you could shave your legs with. Credit: EverythingClever

Do I really need extra-fancy nail clippers? Go ahead, buy yourself another pair of clippers at the dollar store. But guess what? You’ll be heading back there yearly for replacements, handing over another dollar with a hand replete with torn, rough, ill-treated nails. And who wants to be seen like that in a dollar store, of all places?

Instead, invest in a pair of tools you’ll use with satisfaction for the rest of your life. And rest easy knowing that Harperton’s got your back with a Lifetime Warranty, if somehow you can find a way to destroy the (basically) indestructible.

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