Daycare Starter Pack: 10 Things I Bought for My Baby

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I’m Gina, a full-time working mom who recently started her baby in daycare. Little did I know that there would be so much preparation to get my little one ready for daycare every day! After hours of research and tons of trial and error, here are the ten best things I bought on Amazon for sending my baby to daycare.

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This Kids Backpack Has Pockets for Everything

The pockets on this kids backpack actually help me to remember what to pack each day. It has a front pocket and two side pockets, which are great for packing bottles. I can also cram a ton of stuff from, blankets to diapers in the insanely roomy interior.

Clever Alternative: And when he’s big enough to carry his own stuff, this adorable giraffe toddler backpack by Skip Hop ought to do the trick.

This Matching Insulated Lunchpail Even Fits Bottles!

Packing food for my little one is trickiest part of daycare prep. With both bottles and solid food to pack, I needed a lunchpail that could fit it all. This neoprene lunchbox actually fits two bottles, and still has plenty of room for food.

Clever Alternative: This 2-way zipper lunchpail is a little large, but might be a good backup.

I’m So Glad I Have Two of These Bento Lunch Boxes

Cleaning all the daycare stuff is such a chore! That’s why I’m glad that these bento lunch boxes came in a two pack. I always have one in the dishwasher while the other is at daycare. I also love that the little compartments keep the dry food and the wet food from mixing.

Clever Alternative: And this stainless steel bento box is a great plastic-free option.

These Special Baby Spoons Are Kind of Amazing

I’m teaching my baby to use a spoon right now, and it’s kind of… a mess. My little guy is just figuring out where his mouth is, and keeping the food on the spoon is another matter entirely. But he loves feeding himself with these clever little baby spoons , which have holes in the middle so he can just suck the food out.

Clever Alternative: These squeezable spoons by Boon are also great for feeding little ones.

These Resusable Pouches Are Perfect for Homemade Purees

Baby food pouches are incredible. But I don’t like to waste money buying the “organic” ready-made pouches from the store. Instead, I’ve been making my own purees and packing them up in these handy, reusable pouches. They are surprisingly easy to clean, and don’t leave any trash behind.

Clever Alternative: Pack some frozen fruit in these silicone feeders , and you’ll have yourself one happy teether.

I Always Have One of These No-Spill Sippy Cups In the Lunchpail

My little guy is just figuring the whole straw thing out. Luckily these no-spill water bottles have soft, flexible straws that don’t hurt his face when he inevitably misses his mouth. I always pack one filled with water in his daycare bag.

Clever Alternative: This popular straw sippy cup by Munchkin keeps the straw clean and works at any angle.

There’s a Reason Absolutely Everyone Has These Miracle Sippy Cups

You’re probably going to need labels for these miracle cups , because seemingly every toddler has at least one. The cup has a twist off cap, so it is easy to clean and easy to fill. It is 100% leakproof, so you can hand it to your little one without worrying about spills.

Clever Alternative: Check out the version with handles for younger babies.

Because Babies Think Food Tastes Better When It’s Shaped Like A Dinosaur

Since I’m always cutting food up into little pieces anyway, it’s fun to use these adorable dinosaur cutters to do it. And it seems like my little one is more likely to eat food when it’s shaped like dinosaurs.

Clever Alternative: These larger sandwhich-only cutters take the ends off of bread with ease. (I eat so many bread ends these days.)

I Put These Waterproof Labels on Everything!

I had to label everything for daycare, but the labels I used kept washing off. So I was delighted to find these waterproof labels that stay on even in the dishwasher.

Clever Alternative: And if your handwriting is messy, these pre-printed waterproof labels might be worth the investment.

These Roll-up Bibs Are Perfectly Packable

I absolutely love how these machine washable bibs roll up, so that they are small enough to fit in the lunchpail. They also have enough coverage to keep my little one mess free at daycare.

Clever Alternative: Though they don’t roll up, I like how these silicone bibs can go in the dishwasher.

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