Relaxation Starter Pack: 10 Things That Always Relieve My Stress

Relaxation Starter Pack

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Hi, I’m Gina! I’m a lawyer, entrepreneur, and full-time working mom, so needless to say, sometimes balancing the demands of my busy life can get a little….stressful. Fortunately, I’ve come across a few “go-to” inventions that make me feel better whenever I’m stressed or anxious – from a squeezable stress fist, to a steaming eye mask. Just a few minutes of using any of these makes me feel ready to face the world again!

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This Foam Roller Rolls Away Tension

How did I not know these existed? This foam roller has worked wonders for releasing tension in my back, shoulders and legs. At the end of a long day, I love to lie down on it and roll it over my spine. I get up feeling relaxed like I’ve had a massage!

Clever Alternative: This ribbed foam roller looks next-level intense.

I Love to Clench These Squeezable Fists

Letting out my frustrations onto a fist-shaped piece of putty is surprisingly effective and fun! When I need calm I knead fists.

Clever Alternative: And when tensions get really high, this desktop punching bag may be just the thing.

This Stress-Relieving Hand Exerciser Also Strengthens Your Grip

This Grip Master is like a fidget toy for when you’re fuming! I squeeze the little finger pumps to strengthen my hands and to relieve stress.

Clever Alternative: And these classic hand exercising metal balls are an age-old stress relieving standby.

This Classic Rubik’s Cube is My Portable Puzzle Distraction

Like most people, my phone is my favorite relieving distraction. But this Rubik’s Cube might be my second favorite way to take my mind off stressors! Even after five minutes of getting lost in this challenge I feel more relaxed and less anxious. Occasionally, I even solve the dang thing.

Clever Alternative: This bag of metal puzzles might be my next best distraction.

This Simple Ball Has So Many Uses!

Source: Amazon

Though the pictures suggest some other uses for this little ball, I use it as a foot massage ball . I’ve heard that the feet have pressure points that can relieve tension in other parts of the body. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do enjoy using this on my feet while watching TV.

Clever Alternative: I also want to try this dual foot massager . It does both feet at once, and it has thousands of five-star reviews.

You Have to Feel This Acupressure Mat

They say sometimes seeing is believing. Well with this strange-looking accupressure mat, feeling is believing. Its little prongs activate several pressure points at once for intensive relief.

Clever Alternative: I’m still trying to figure out if I am ready to brave this full-body acupressure mat and pillow. I wonder what a nap on that would be like.

I Love to Hold This Lettuce Mug Up and Say, “Get it?”

We love our mugs in my family. And this Lettuce Romaine Calm mug is one of my favorite. Because what could be more relaxing than a cup of tea AND a chuckle?

Clever Alternative: Maybe it’s time that I got the shirt to go with it. Heheh!

I Melt Stress Away with This Bed Buddy

It only takes two minutes for me to heat up this Bed Buddy heat pack, but its relaxing effects last for hours. It’s easy to use and versatile enough to put on your shoulders, back or anywhere you need to melt stress away. It’s especially nice when it’s cold outside!

Clever Alternative: For warmer days, this freezable migraine hat might be a good option.

I Love How This Essential Oil Diffuser Can Change The Room

Am I at home or am I at the spa? With my eyes closed and this essential oil diffuser pumping blissful scents into the room, it’s almost hard to tell. And because this diffuser also has mood-setting lighting options, when I open my eyes it is equally pleasant.

Clever Alternative: It also seems like incence burners have come a long way since high school. This one uses little pods and pours smoke down like a waterfall.

These Disposable Eye Masks Are Heavenly!

After staring at a screen all day, I love to use these lavender scented eye masks to relax my tired eyes right before bed. Not only do they have a lovely scent, they warm up, too!

Clever Alternative: This cooling eye mask kind of makes you look like a superhero while also calming your eyes.


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