Work From Home Starter Pack: 10 Things I Bought to Make Remote Work Easy

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Even though the pandemic is nearly over (fingers crossed!), it’s clear that remote working will stay for many of us. And as nice as it can be to work in your sweatpants, the work-from-home lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges – from looking halfway decent on important Zoom calls, to staying alert and comfortable through workdays that never seem to end. I’m Liam, a lawyer and entrepreneur, and here are ten products that have made working from home work for me.

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This Wifi Extender Lets Everyone Zoom Everywhere

I can tell you from experience that trying to host a separate Zoom meeting from your partner on the same wifi in the same room is not exactly…fun. That’s when this wifi extender was such a game-changer. It extends the reach of the wifi signal up to 2000 feet. So now every member of the household can retreat to different rooms for simultaneous Zoom meetings with no lag whatsoever.

Clever Alternative: This Google Home mesh router system is like a wifi extender on steroids. It’s great if you need coverage in a separate garage or structure. Each component also serves as a speaker and a Google home!

This Little Ring Light Is My Zoom Call Secret Weapon

Who knew such a small ring light could make such a big difference? But this handy little gadget definitely makes me look more professional (and awake) for all those Zoom calls. I love that it has a phone holder and several light modes, so I can adjust it for the light in the room.

Clever Alternative: If want to super-size your lighting game, this 18-inch ring light may be just the thing.

Yes, Apple Airpods Are Totally Worth It

Not only do these Airpods have great quality sound, they also have a great microphone. And I like that there is nothing to untangle while rushing onto a Zoom call. They also look discrete, which is probably why so many people on TV wore them while doing interviews!

Clever Alternative: For a budget-friendly alternative, these Tribit Wireless earbuds could be the answer.

Elevate Your Laptop Game With This Riser Stand

If you’re like me and like to stand while you work, then this clever laptop riser is a brilliant alternative to a standing desk. It also has variety of adjustable heights and configurations to help you work while sitting down (or even lying down), if that’s your thing.

Clever Alternative: If you do want an entire standing desk , this is an excellent option. You can pivot the table to make it more comfortable to work on, and adjust the height so you can even make it a desk while you’re working on your couch.

I Keep My Phone on This Charging Pad When I’m Not Making Calls

Gone are the days when I rushed about the house frantically searching for a charger while my low battery threatened to end my call. Now, whenever I’m not using my phone, I just plop it down on this charging mat and (voila!) I have a phone that’s always charged.

Clever Alternative: This charging station also works if you have multiple devices that have to be plugged in.

When Your Comfort is at Stake, A Pricey Purifier May Be Worth The Cost

Full disclosure: this Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is a very expensive fan. But since I spend more than 8 hours a day in my home office, keeping the place habitably temperate is a must. This heater + fan regulates the temperature and can be controlled from anywhere in the house via the mobile app.

Clever Alternative: And if you’re not ready for that level of financial commitment to an air purifier, then this LEVOIT Air Purifier looks like it could get the job done for a much lower price.

Funny Doodles or Productive Notes? This Whiteboard Easel Handles Both

Not every note I take needs to exist in perpetuity on paper. This personal-size white board is perfect for when I need to brainstorm, write down a quick to-do list or just doodle!

Clever Alternative: Make sure you get the whiteboard pens to go with it!

Help Protect Your Eyes and Look Good Doing It With These Semi-Stylish Blue Blocking Glasses

Looking at a screen all day takes a toll on my eyes. So, I was happy to find these blue light blocking glasses that have a modestly stylish Warby Parker thing going for them. They’ve helped me to avoid eye strain and headaches.

Clever Alternative: If you already wear glasses, then these blue blocking clip on lenses may work (albeit with slightly less stylish results.)

These Random Ball Point Pens Are My Personal Pen Preference

We all have our favorite pens, the kind that make you feel like you’re writing better and working better. These cheap, run-of-the-mill ballpoint pens are my favorite. I seem to lose pens faster than the average person, so I keep a lot of these on hand.

Clever Alternative: The Apple Pencil may be a markedly more expensive “pen” when compared to a regular ball point, but this little device opens up a whole new world of note-taking and editing on a tablet.


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